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Part 2 - 2012 London Olympics - Ramping Up - The Column of Mist as The Dew of Heaven

Shortly after the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics were brought to my attention, I began to present what the Lord was showing me about the ceremonies and the purpose of the games. Olympism is, according to the man who revived the games in the modern era, a religion. The games and everything about them are dedicated to Zeus. That's the very god whose throne in the acropolis at Pergamos/Pergamum (now in Berlin) is referred to in Revelation 2:13 as Satan's seat. That's the god to which Antiochus Epiphanes commanded worship, setting up an idol to the same in the Jerusalem's Temple. This activity can be seen to have a connection with the promotion of the Olympic games, brought to Jerusalem for this antichrist's sake.

“Soon after he assumed the Seleucid throne (175 BCE), Antiochus filled the vacant office of high priest of the Jewish temple state in Jerusalem (which his father had brought under Seleucid control a quarter of a century earlier) with a Hellenized Judean priest who took the Greek name Jason, but replaced him in 172 BCE with his brother Menelaus, on promise of greater tribute. To curry Antiochus' support, these rival priests completely Hellenized Jerusalem, promoting Greek culture & building a gymnasium for Olympic sport.”

“While Antiochus was conquering Egypt (169 BCE), Jason's forces recaptured Jerusalem & slaughtered supporters of Menelaus. Returning from Egypt (167 BCE) Antiochus sacked Jerusalem & rebuilt it as a Seleucid fortress. Torah observance was outlawed & the imperial cult brought into the Jewish temple itself with the erection of a statue of Antiochus as Zeus with a Hellenistic altar of sacrifice. Jews who resisted were subject to execution.”

Antiochus IV Epiphanes (

Yes, Olympic sport was brought in as part of this effort to move those who honored Yahweh to worship Satan in the guise of Zeus. Commanding worship of a statue of Zeus made in his own likeness and placed in the Temple is something the Roman emperor Caligula would have done, like Antiochus IV Epiphanes before him, had he not been assassinated in 41 AD before this model of a Zeus incarnation could be accomplished. Less than a century after that effort, another attempt was made to place an idol for Satan worship at the (now destroyed) Temple when the Emperor Hadrian tried to have the statue of Jupiter (aka Zeus) Capitolinus installed at the site. Satan will have himself installed as Zeus Incarnate in his son Apollo, as the Beast, and this is the ultimate goal of those who promote the Olympics.

3) Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,
4) who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.
2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

There is no attempt made by the Olympic Committee to hide the fact that Zeus worship is at the center of Olympism, and there is no need to because the participants are fine with that, so long as they can keep their other gods. I am continuing to be led to "blow the whistle on" what's going on with that promotion of the one world religion because it will soon bear the fruit that has long been sought, and there will be no repenting of our involvement with it when that time has come to the full!

The incarnation of Zeus is what the Bible pictures as the Beast seen rising from the sea. This agent will be a hybrid as the Nephilim of old, a god-man substitute for the Son of God and Son of Man, Y'shua. This counterpart to the Messiah will have a family brought forth after his kind, a long awaited fulfillment of prophecy, through a specialized genetic process that transforms man into another kind of being, a beast. It is this process and the coming of the incarnation of Zeus that is signaled by occult means in nearly everything the Olympic committee and their sponsors touch, by subliminal means, in layer upon layer of symbolic elements, graphical, dramatic, linguistic, musical, architectural...

Can you interpret their symbolic language? Do you understand the plan? Can you articulate it to others or draw their attention away from the hype to the meaning behind it?

Here's a recent development, another element sourced from hell to advance the agenda. (Thanks Jeff Davis III and others for being on watch)

Merseyside mist to form 2012 Cultural Olympiad artwork - Artist Anthony McCall commissioned to create Column, a corkscrew of mist rising from Liverpool This "artwork" is actually a form of ritual sex magick. The Column of mist is the dew of heaven (dew metaphor sperm) or male seed. It is a helix or symbolic strand of DNA that connects heaven and earth. It hearkens back to Genesis 6 and the sons of god mating with the daughters of men, and before that to the Garden of Eden where the serpent mated with Eve. It points forward to the incarnation of Zeus in Apollo and to the mark of that coming Beast.

This mist compares to what the animated feature Rango identified with their DNA modeling line dance through the lyrics of Cool Water, where "each star's a pool of water" - and a star represents an angel.

On that reproductive theme, the helical column is also an umbilical cord, as connected to the heavenly womb of Isis.

The Column of mist alludes to the pillar of fire by day and smoke by night that led Israel in the wilderness wandering until the next generation was granted entrance into the promised land. In that context, the column of helical mist signifies the presence of the angel of the Lord, actually, its counterpart.

Such interpretations would seem to be quite a stretch except they're in accord with possibly every other thing the Olympics folks do and say. What they might not be telling everyone directly is embedded subtly and passed along below the threshold of conscious awareness, where these spells have a powerful supernatural influence.

I already addressed in recent blog posts the role of Underworld in the 3 hour opening ceremonies and the Eye of Horus Chunnel sex magick portal, and also the numerical signals pertaining to the torch relay. Other items, too numerous for me to give more extensive coverage at the present time are at a minimum worthy of mention.

Children born on 20/12 Day 2004 celebrate seventh birthday - 20 December 2011 -- “Children in the London 2012 Children’s Promise scheme today celebrated their seventh birthday at a special event at John Lewis, Westfield Stratford City.” Why their seventh birthday? 2012 marks the transition between the Shemittah. We're in the seventh year now, of the third Shemittah from 1991. The target Shemittah that has been eagerly anticipated for a very long time is about to arrive, mere weeks after the close of these Olympics. After this one there will be no further need of the Summer Games because the sponsor's goals will have been met. If they are held in 2016, it will be in quite a different world.

Art trees to take root in the Olympic Park - 19 December 2011 -- “A collection of ten trees which will each support large metals rings weighing up to half a tonne are to be planted across the Olympic Park.” The Serpent Tree, not Yahweh's. Ten trees? Ten Kings. Rev. 17:12-13. Bound with Rings? Nephilim kings of the earth bound in the earth. Taking root in the Olympic Park - like Garden of Eden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

New aerial images show Olympic Park transformation - 21 December 2011 -- “The London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) has released new aerial images showing the transformation of the Olympic Park as 2012 approaches.” Transformation - NLP - aerial:- prince of the power of the air - Beelzabub

Live Doctor Who show heading to Ipswich for London 2012 Festival - 23 December 2011 -- “An interactive Doctor Who show in Ipswich has been announced as part of next summer's London 2012 Festival celebrations.” Dr. Who is a Timelord, a dimensional traveler - bringing another necessary element to the transdimensional XXX Olympics.

Many folks are watching these things and beginning to perceive some of the recurring themes, and are puzzled over why this is so. Some are ready to accept the correct answer. Praise the Lord!

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