Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trolls, False Prophets, Evil Emperors and Antichrists and Such

Since posting about Sochi 2014 symbolism and watching Trollhunter, when I see at this image appear in my laptop's Windows 7 background rotation I can't help but see the Trollhunter Frost Giant troll.

Here's a few items of note.

Proton promises us $1,000 genome mapping by year end (CNET News - 1/10/2012)

Caesars Window – ET Phone Home

The Assad regime now reports that extraterrestrials are in Syria. No, really (Thanks Jeff)

Eighth wonder of the world? The stunning temples secretly carved out below ground by 'paranormal' eccentric

Because of the word zion embedded in the logo, and the color scheme, it seemed to lend itself to my taking a few liberties with design "enhancement."

No offense intended against Israel, the land or the legitimate people of the land. I love and serve their God, who takes issue with idolatry, and breaking the second commandment. The six pointed hex symbol isn't really the star of David, you should know. Stars are angels, metaphorically, and this star is neither David's nor his God's angel.

Lest I offend some who love the symbol, and not others who love similar symbols, here's a picture that may be worth a thousand words.

I'm not really trying to offend, but speaking (writing and illustrating) the truth in love means I must bring this witness so those who are willing may see, consider and accept it. The second commandment was never intended to be optional, a mere suggestion. The Lord protects his people, whom He loves with an enduring love!

While I'm on the "offensive" I offer this comparison, which simply begs to be made. [video] Emperor Benedict XVI - Palpatine of the Sistine - Dark Lord of the Sith

If another pope after Benedict XVI is coming, a Petros Romanus (Prophecy of St. Malachy), he will manifest as THE "False Prophet," elevated in evil beyond even Ratzinger's version, apparently appointed to fulfill the mission of Mystery Babylon the Great.

Since I'm offering a “Beast seen coming out of the earth” comparison I should not neglect to offer one relative to the“ beast seen coming out of the sea.” Alongside a fairly extensive tracing of his (William Jefferson Blythe III) bloodline, this striking comparison with Nero, an antichrist, was the subject of J.R. Church's (gone on ahead) popular presentation called, "Tickling the Tail of the Dragon."

Back in 2008, Pope Benedict XVI and Bill Clinton were engaging in a preview of the coming "revealing of the lawless one." These, or two like them, will fulfill what must be fulfilled in the coming Shemittah.

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