Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Part 1 - "I, Pet Goat II" - Golden Magick Circle

A viral video titled I, Pet Goat II - from Heliofant, features a broad range of occult imagery to tell a complex and highly stylized story about the approaching dawn of the new age. The VC provided his interpretation in a recent post, The Esoteric Symbolism of the Viral Video “I, Pet Goat II” There's plenty more that could be said about it but I just want touch fairly lightly on it to segue into a post about the London Olympics, then perhaps follow up with a few more insights from the featured scene. Several magick circles are evident in London and in the Olympic Park within which ritual magick is being and will be performed. I want to use one of the scenes from I, Pet Goat to introduce the magick circle, so I'll focus on that.

Caveat and warning: While this is no witchcraft manual, some detail in the description is necessary for educating about how to identify the magick circle, so check with the Lord about whether this post is for you. If there's any doubt, skip it.

The magick circle is the basic fundamental of witchcraft. It will usually be a circle on the floor or ground that is generally visible, and four elements will often be represented in some manner in the direction of the cardinal points of the compass. There's a high degree of flexibility in the construction, which is why I'm being so broad in the description of the appearance. A blond girl, modeled on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, sits on the floor in a meditative position within a circle painted in gold. The circle pictured isn't the ideal circle in size, but it is appropriate for the intent of the video. Several other items featured in the setting identify it to us clearly as a magick circle.

Count the number of those seated on the floor. Including her there are 13, a coven. She is the High Priestess. A more normal size magick circle might encompass them all, in this tight little group. They represent her coven, but that's not all. The reason the beings outside her little circle are misshapen and indistinct is this; they represent the demons she has invoked. This is why they're bound with a strand of barbed wire.

“By creating sacred space and invoking the elements, we can raise power within the circle, and charge the energies with our magical intent. Working with the elemental spirits and the four directions, we can direct our inner work to manifest in our outer world: "as above, so below.”
casting a circle

The magick circle is the interface with the realm of the spirits and gods, a dimensional gateway. The circle drawn in one plane is merely the representation of the intersection of a sphere, like a surrounding bubble in three dimensions. It's the boundary for a reservoir of concentrated power. The casting of a circle is the generation of this space, and it involves the elemental spirits, demons. How this is done varies widely from one coven to another, ranging from the very formal to the very informal, but it typically involves invoking the Guardians of the four elements. These elemental spirits are also referred to as Watchtowers. When the circle has been cast, the intended ritual that the space was created for can be carried out. For many kinds of spells, after the energy has been raised, it is released out into the physical world. Then, the Guardians are thanked and dismissed as the circle is ritually closed.

In "Alice's" spell, the apple is her ritual tool. As we follow the apple we see it as a symbol of her spell, working. When the lights dim, her eyes close and she drops the apple, which rolls out of the circle. This is the High Priestess going into the Alpha state, between the realms. The energy of the spell is raised and the apple representing the magickal spell rolls out of the circle to picture it going out into the physical world. The spell is cast over against the Obama puppet. The apple magically splits and seeds from both halves grow together and blossom into a lotus flower. The Obama puppet sees it and is terrified.

Now, the four elements used in Alice's ritual are illustrated in this image composite. Matching to the four directions, symbols of the elements are evident that were apparently ritually used to invoke the elemental Guardians as the circle was cast. At the blackboard and on the clock above it, we see three elements that identify the direction, fire, red (flames of the burning house) and the time of day, Noon. Clearly, this is South. Opposite that is North, and we see Earth and green, the color of the vegetation surrounding the white rabbit. On one side, we have Air, Yellow, East. Decorating that wall we see a large yellow flower and a stag leaping into the air. Opposite that is a wall of windows, with fogged glass, a blue tint, and snow outside; Water, West.

Alice's golden magick circle was cast using recognizable symbols of the four elements, in the appropriate configuration, but Heliofant has taken liberties with the standard. In a peculiar twist (and for this video, I suppose that's a relative thing), this example presents elements indicating a reversal of East and West. A map with North at the top has West on the left, correct? Not this one! There's no mistaking how the symbols of the elements indicate East and West, and they are obviously reversed. Why? I think the explanation takes into account the perspective of the underworld setting. If you place the map on the window glass facing out, you'll see East on your left. This perspective of the directions from behind the map illustrates what would be seen from underneath the magick circle, from the underworld looking up. I think this was done to illustrate how this magical scene is inverted as though it were taking place in the underworld.

As the scene ends, the "camera" moves outside, and as it goes you can see the word OZ appear above the blackboard. Oz is the land down under, suggesting the classroom stage set is the underworld.

Another clue is the white rabbit pictured on the North-Earth wall behind Alice. In the Alice in Wonderland story, Alice follows the white rabbit down the rabbit hole into a strange realm where many things are backwards. When the lighting dims and the apple drops, Alice is still in the light, and light shines on the white rabbit too, linking them together. This serves to call attention to Carroll's fantasy and perhaps suggest the rabbit is also operating between the realms, as the hare is the symbol of Hermes, escort to the underworld. The rabbit has sinister red eyes. The East-West inversion seem fitting for Wonderland, where things are backwards.

This magick circle seems to be operated by a witch in the underworld, upside down.

I don't know what this means, but I noticed how the exit at the northeast lit up red in the dim lighting of the Alpha state, like there was some kind of polar reversal, flipping North to South.

The pentagram is an important ritual image or object used for invocation and banishing, and we see one in I, Pet Goat's magickal puppet show. The stage is dark, and we see a nearly lifeless George Bush puppet. When the spotlight shines on him, he immediately breaks into a lively dance. The spotlight is the pentagram, and his coming to life is thus attributed to the demonic invocation. Satan was already shown to be pulling the strings.

The apple itself is a cryptic pentagram.

The apple has been revered throughout history as being sacred of the Goddess. In modern mythology, the apple became associated with the Tree of Knowledge, which Eve took and ate. The reason the apple is considered associated with the Goddess is revealed by cutting through the centre of the apple. Hidden in the apple's core, is a natural pentacle. This is the sign of the Goddess Kore (Core) - the Greek Holy Virgin, the inner soul of Mother Earth (Demeter). Just as Kore the Virgin was hidden in the heart of Mother Earth and represented the World Soul, so her pentacle was hidden in the apple. Kore is also an alternative name of Kali.

Wicca - The History of the Pentagram-Pentacle

The hexagram is another symbol commonly used in ritual magick for invocation and spell casting, and these appear as the large snowflakes at the lower left of the blackboard.

I want to present yet further evidence of spell casting concealed in the burning house drawn on the blackboard. The roof of the house has a "squared circle inside, which is the essential form of the magick circle. The circle inside the triangle roof suggests the Triangle of Solomon, which is also called the Triangle of the Arts. This is said to be the second most important tool for the Conjuring Magician next to the magick circle. This has to sit outside the circle, perhaps just a few feet away. Demons conjured will appear in the triangle. According to one magician, “Some Magicians such as the Great Crowley would use Fresh Blood of a Sacrificed animal in the Triangle to attract the Demon. For Blood is the Life force and Demons thrive on it. Crowley would Sacrifice three white doves and pour the Blood into each corner of the Triangle... the Demon would stay until the life force was exhausted, then Demon would leave. ” When you look at the burning house, you can look at the red as flames of fire. If you consider the roof as the Triangle of Solomon, you can see the red as the blood of the sacrifice, used to attract the demons conjured.

Well, that's enough of a foundation to segue into the Olympic post, and I'll follow up this one with a few more noteworthy observations about this creepy Masonic Temple-floored scene in future posts, Lord willing.


  1. Fantastic insight. The thing about the perspective being from the underworld seems to corroborate the theory that says that the "locusts" tormenting the wicked for 5 months (Revelation 9) will commence once the London Olympics get underway on July 27. And these locusts will come out of the abyss.

  2. I saw this video for the first time in October 2018. Just so happens that a few years back I was angry when I found out my book was being sold on the internet, and when I saw this I was even more angry. Most of it is straight out of my book, and what is not in my book I have talked about openly on the internet. So now I am spending my time trying to prove that this is derivative work, based on my works. If you care to take a look you can find it in a group page on Facebook.

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