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Part 30 - 2012 London Olympics - Casting Their Magick Circles

The witchcraft of the opening ceremony in London is not going to be merely theatrical, if we can accept what the clues are revealing. Continuing from the previous post, I'm going to point out what I see that hints at the four elements or watchtowers of circle casting. Since this has a directional aspect, I'll begin with a feature that may be intended for the purpose of obfuscation but very likely also serves to facilitate a more complex magickal scheme.

I assembled this pair of images to illustrate how the opening ceremony stage set inside the Olympic stadium (that can be overlaid with the Olympic medal to suggest a magick circle) exhibits a directional rotation of 1/4 turn clockwise. What might be the reasoning for doing that? I read where we are officially told that what looks like the River Thames in the "dark Satanic mills set is not actually the River Thames. Really? How is that water weaving through what is obviously London in the exact form of the Thames -- not the Thames? Why would we be told that? What are “they” being so careful to not tell us? Is this the image of the Thames in some other dimension, perhaps.

Within the mills set, we see a landscape that is so obviously patterned on the River Thames as it winds through London, with Glastonbury Tor to the west of the city, as it is in reality. However, this set, as laid out inside the stadium, is aligned differently. The reproduction of Glastonbury Tor is actually in at the north end, so the model was rotated 1/4 turn clockwise. If we ask why, and we really should, I believe the clues suggest that it serves a mystical purpose, serving to align the setting for a working of ritual magick.

With the model of the Tor as it is in actuality at the north, what appears is the standard for casting a magick circle: North-Earth-Green. As for the other 3 elements, I can't say much because the only other comparable object I've seen in the pictures of the stadium so far is the bell, located opposite the Tor at the south end. As an elemental, this would have to represent fire, which is an unlikely symbol since the bell as a magickal object far better represents air and the fifth element, spirit. It may be that the bell isn't intended as one of the four elements. Olympic Cauldron with the ceremonial Flame lit from the sun-lit torch will likely be placed at the south end. This is one of the well kept mysteries (Olympic stage is set, but where is the cauldron?), intended to be revealed during the opening ceremony with plenty of drama. Tomorrow will tell, I expect (which will be today, as the day when many of you will read this). There will possibly be two, one inside and one outside the stadium.

So, at present, there are no other relatively fixed objects around the stadium to be associated with the directional elements used in casting a circle. I'll be watching, Lord willing, and do expect to see at some point some further exhibit of the casting of a circle.

There are some objects placed around the sets built for the opening ceremony. In the pastoral "green and pleasant land" model, four maypoles claimed to represent the four national entities of the UK are pictured. Perhaps these are being used as symbols of the four elements in some casting of a circle.

We might see the yellow of the May pole on the east as the appropriate color for a typical circle casting, but the others just don't fit. In the alignment using the mills set's River Thames, the model Tor appears in the west, and then the bell opposite the Tor appears as an appropriate symbol for the elemental of east, air.

Really, I can only speculate as to the elemental symbols at this point. There's no clear evidence to claim with any confidence that the four elements are present in one configuration of the stadium or another, at least not yet. I wanted to present this in advance so you can watch with me, as the Lord leads, in an more informed way, and we shall see what we shall see.

I suspect, given the directional rotation of the opening ceremony sets, that the high level sorcery will have layered rituals, evidenced on multiple levels, which is why I present two potential schematics of the stadium with standard elementals marked, to help make what might be done to cast magick circles during the ceremonies more recognizable.

If there is no magickal spell intended during the XXX Olympiad, why was such a public ritual already performed? At the Winter Solstice in 2010, a ritual was performed when the pyramid lights were switched on at the Olympic Stadium by David Cameron, Prime Minister. This was according to the ancient practice of Saturnalia (Kronia to the Greeks) when candles and/or torches were lit to honor Saturn, aka Zeus, Satan. Note, this marked exactly 2 years to the day before the acclaimed ending date of this age on the Mayan long count calendar, December 21.

In one of the interpretations in Macrobius's work, Saturnalia is a festival of light leading to the winter solstice, with the abundant presence of candles symbolizing the quest for knowledge and truth. The renewal of light and the coming of the new year was celebrated in the later Roman Empire at the Dies Natalis of Sol Invictus, the "Birthday of the Unconquerable Sun," on December 25.

Saturnalia - Wikipedia

Now, a circle is not cast for its own sake. It is cast for a reason, and that is often to cast a spell. The demons are invoked, the energy is concentrated raised and, at the propitious time, the spell is cast and the energy or demonic supernaturalism is released out of the circle into the Universe, to manifest in this space-time. I don't have the magician's script for this mega ritual event but I do know a few things about the master plan so I'm pretty confident I know something about the spells intended to be cast. Some of this will be dramatized during the public ceremony, but I have to think there's plenty that will be done out of the public's view, in London, and around the globe, or beyond. If you don't know the plot, I develop it extensively on this blog and on my main site, so I'm not going to repeat it here but leave up to you to search it out for yourself.

The raising of energy in the sphere of a magick circle is essential, and we've heard Danny Boyle speak of this raising in clever NLP-ese. This is why he has two mosh pits, drawing the most intense kind of energy you're likely to see of this sort in public. This is split into two sections, probably to heighten the dynamic, plus he has another mosh pit at the other end, which looks to be pointed at the bell. Boyle has expressed his hope that these opposing mosh pits will do battle, intending to maximize the energy, which I propose is being collected to raise the energy being concentrated in the magick circle(s) for the casting of the mega spell.

This is not being done for the sake of drama, to entertain. Entertainment value was sacrificed during the London Ceremony closing the games in Beijing in 2008, and it will be sacrificed in London. Making a profit from the games is not high on the list of priorities, and neither is entertainment. The ceremony is not being done for show so much as to perform the rituals. Olympism is Zeus worship. Olympism is Satan worship. People who merely seek to be entertained will be disappointed. Those who openly seek to honor Zeus will not, because this surely being done on an overwhelming scale.

I've shown in this series how the front of the Olympic medal illustrates the stadium as a temple for worship of the gods. This is the arena for worshiping Zeus, in athletic competition and in ceremonial ritual. According to the Olympic Hymn, the world in general, as lit by the sun, and the virtual temples magickally created where they establish a zone with the ceremonial flame, are temples for the worship of Zeus. The temples for the worship of Zeus and the magick circles of pagan witches are not dissimilar, and are actually one in kind. Combining them is powerful. The magick circle is a sacred space to wiccans, a kind of temple. It is in this temple where they perform witchcraft. The circle helps them gain magic power. Satan receives worship of every sort that is not sponsored and sanctioned by the Sovereign Creator, the true God whom I serve.

Have you discovered this energy harvesting of the rainbow power being done in partnership with McDonalds? Surfin' the Bifröst - harnessing the dimensional bridge energy! The children log their activity and feed it to the Web site.

We might well ask why the Glastonbury Tor is so styled with the terraced hill resembling a swirling vortex? Well, probably because it actually is what it looks like, magickally! I wrote of the hill and tree and addressed some of the probable intent for it already (cosmic connection point, bridging to the underworld as a pathway, time link to 9-11 and Jesus's visit of legend), but there's still more to this that really begs to be addressed!

In the stadium's mosh pits near to the Tor, flags and banners will fly that have been made by children in the schools of Glastonbury. The activity links to the high energy concerts held there since 1970. The stage is there is famously a pyramid and there is a massive scale May pole on site. If that pyramid isn't being leveraged as a dark energy receiver and transmitter, they have really missed something. But, I doubt that that's been missed. This too seems to have ominous connections, like the devil's fingerprints are all over it. The first Glastonbury Festival held was in 1970, beginning the day after Jimi Hendrix died. You remember him, right? He's one of the famed members of the 27 Club, of the death meme. The festival has been celebrated ever since then. I believe there's dark energy transmission involved with the Tor and the mosh pit. I believe this is an energy feed from the past being exploited in the present. Call me crazy. That's how I see it.

We might also ask why there is such a grand scale smokestack in the stadium's mills set? That thing is gigantic! A smokestack is used to exhaust the smoke from fires, which are typically for converting the heat into mechanical and possibly electrical energy. A smokestack is the most evident sign of such industry. It signifies the harnessing and exploitation of energy on an industrial scale, and often employs a steam turbine. There's a powerful energy vortex associated with the smokestack, if your looking for the connection. This stack is in the “dark Satanic mills” set. Think about that. From the pictures I saw, it seems to exhaust from the underworld. What's going on there?

This makes me think of the highly celebrated fantasy literature, Lord of the Rings, written famously by England's celebrated literary giant, J.R.R. Tolkien. In the book, The Two Towers, (with a 9-11 connection there, to be sure!) there was a memorable scene in Peter Jackson's film version where the wizard Saruman had a fiery smoking work in a pit. That spoke to me of the underworld. In it, he made a hybrid army, the Uruk-hai. I wonder whether this might somehow be identified with that work in Isengard during Boyle's production. It's been leaked that Boyle will be featuring some kind of engagement between Mary Poppins and the Dark Lord Voldemort (of the Harry Potter franchise), two other famed fictional magicians of UK invention. If he doesn't involve Gandolf or Saruman in some kind of exhibition of wizardry, I'll be very surprised. Especially because the Uruk-hai are modeled on the Nephilim, the hybrid spawn of the ancient gods that this Olympic ritual ultimately intends to restore to this realm.

In Peter Jackson's film trilogy, Saruman's Uruk-hai are bred from pits beneath Isengard and when the time is "right" they are dug up by lesser orcs working for Saruman, who are occasionally killed by the newborn Uruks. Jackson's depiction of the Uruks being spawned from the mud came from Tolkien's old description of orcs being "bred from the heats and slimes of the earth." It is said they were a result of cross-breeding orcs and "Goblin-men", instead of Orcs and Men. In Tolkien's writings "Goblin" is just another term for orc.”
“footnote #5 "We are the servants of Saruman the Wise, the White Hand: the Hand that gives us man's-flesh to eat." Tolkien, J. R. R. (1954), The Two Towers, The Lord of the Rings, Boston: Houghton Mifflin (published 1987), "The Uruk-hai", ISBN 0-395-08254-4”

Uruk-hai - Adaptations (Wikipedia)

Will the opening ceremony feature also dimension traversing Timelord Dr Who, with his hypercubic interface resembling a phone booth? Will it mean more than a nod to popular entertainment? I'm really curious what may be signaled in the details and context of such an appearance!

the MAGIC CIRCLE provides a sacred and purified space in which all rites, magickal work and ceremonies are conducted. It offers a boundary for a reservoir of concentrated power and acts as a doorway to the world of the gods...Within the circle it becomes possible to transcend the physical, to open the mind to deeper and higher levels of consciousness."
7. Redefining Reality. The circle becomes an island that the magician forms as the only true reality. The magician assigns directions to this new reality.
8. Space between Worlds. Here the circle is neither entirely in the material plane nor is it fully within the spiritual plane. It acts as a bridge connecting different planes of existence.
9. Omnipresent Now. The circle allows us to take advantage of non-linear time, while allowing the magician to remain with normal linear time. In the timeless reality, all things exist or have existed or will exist, in this realm the magician performs acts of scrying and divination.

What is a Magic Circle

I've written about the Temple at the Center of Time principles as the arcs of time from the establishment of the State of Israel bracket the Olympic Park. I've discussed quantum entanglement, suggesting bridge mechanisms and dimensional portals through space-time and have called attention to certain times and places that may be so linked. The distinction between physics and magick is blurring, but not just in my mind as though my tin foil hat has blown off and my sanity has fled. The world is changed and changing. Today's world and everyday life seems more and more surreal to many of us.

Quantum physics seems crazy, defying the laws of physics that were long accepted as defining our physical reality. CERN and the particle physics of LHC, which the Olympic medals magickally links, plays a role. The genetic tempering of food, man and beast, plays a role. The mistreatment of innocent people plays a role. Sin. It's being judged. The Lord is bringing an end to it. This is why the world is changing so rapidly, because we're reaching the end of it. The Olympic mega ritual that has been and probably will be, has been appointed in this season to bring forth a necessary change. Watch and see. The sovereign Lord God has a plan, and it is working perfectly. Draw near to Him, where peace and joy may be found in abundance!

As I write it is mere hours away from when Work #1197 will begin, where bells across the UK will be rung with enthusiasm. That's NOT a good thing! No doubt, the largest harmonically tuned bell will also be rung, the “Bell of Caliban” that hangs in the stadium. “Be not afeard. The isle is full of noises

The excerpted speech from The Tempest follows. It may seem poetic in a good way, but when you consider the sounds and sweet airs speak of demonic voices and enchantments, and that the magick is real and evil, there is nothing good that can come of it!

Be not afeard. The isle is full of noises,
Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices
That, if I then had waked after long sleep
Will make me sleep again; and then in dreaming
The clouds methought would open and show riches
Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked
I cried to dream again

I've addressed the role of the bell in some depth already, but it bears repeating and highlighting. The bell is a ritual object that is often used to begin and end a spell. It is used to summon and dismiss demonic entities, calling them from and then returning them to another dimension. I believe this will be it's function during All The Bells, and during the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony, and as bookending the games in one macro mega ritual. As I've mentioned earlier in a post dedicated to it, one of the rituals is likely to be a bell, book and candle spell. The bell ringing is a death spell!

Now that I've seen pictures of the model of the bell, if it is faithful to the supporting context as seen in the pictures above, there might be what's called the Triangle of Solomon or the Triangle of the Art associated with it. On the platform under the bell appears a triangle. I wrote about this ritual object as it was suggested by the roof of the burning house on the "I, Pet Goat" blackboard. At the high level of magickal ritual expected of those behind the occult Olympics, I have to think there is such a magical implement in the ritual involving the stadium's magick circle. If a Triangle of Solomon is under the bell, that's got to be a very bad thing. Very bad indeed. Lord help us.


  1. Caliban is a Marvel Comics Character.
    A Mutant -

  2. Thanks ladies for sharing your insight!

    InfiniteStarGoddess writes that she was a Wiccan for 4 years and attests that the whole stadium was indeed set up as a magic circle. She points out how the blue flower, the yellow, red and purple (North) were observed properly aligned as the four elements. She also says there were guardians at each cardinal point and that there were many other indications in plain sight.

    Shoshannah, yes, what was said to "not be" the Thames may be alluding to a celestial alignment with the milky way.

    I can be reached directly at my gmail account, theopenscroll.