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V for Vendetta: Spilling the Beans on Pandemics and Vaccines

By Aaron Hermann

I had intended my next post to be the third installment of the "Cooked Goose" portion of the ongoing 2012 London Olympic Series, but The Lord had something else in mind. The Lord directed my attention to the film "V For Vendetta" last Saturday, and I have been camped on it ever since. I believe there is good reason for the brief detour due to the major plot theme of a false flag viral attack orchestrated against the people of England as the catalyst event used to bring a Totalitarian government regime to power, resulting in an Orwellian Police State. As I was watching the movie it became rather apparent that this film must be included in the ongoing discussion of a potential forthcoming global pandemic as a "9-11" catalyst event bringing forth a worldwide "9-12" Police State.

(Before I get into the analysis of the film, it must be noted that the presentation of the move contains several time-line discrepancies in regards to how the story is told and at what point in time the said events were to have taken place. It is beyond the scope of this post to address these matters, but for those astute movie-buffs out there that may be reading this please know that I am aware of those inconsistencies; however, it is my contention that what the movie presents directly to us in the form of the plot development trumps whatever else may be being signaled within the layers of obfuscation. As such, this post will be dealing with the major thematic plot element of the government created virus unleashed upon the people to cement their power structure.)

This first video clip is the scene where "V" lays out the entire story of who was responsible for creating the virus, why they did it, and the outcome of the false flag attack.

Our story begins, as these stories often do, with a young up-and-coming politician. He's a deeply religious man and a member of the conservative party. He is completely single-minded convictions and has no regard for the political process. Eventually, his party launches a special project in the name of 'national security'. At first, it is believed to be a search for biological weapons and it is pursued regardless of its cost. However, the true goal of the project is power, complete and total hegemonic domination. The project, however, ends violently... but the efforts of those involved are not in vain, for a new ability to wage war is born from the blood of one of their victims.

Imagine a virus - the most terrifying virus you can, and then imagine that you and you alone have the cure. But if your ultimate goal is power, how best to use such a weapon? It is at this point in our story that along comes a spider. He is a man seemingly without a conscience; for whom the ends always justify the means and it is he who suggests that their target should not be an enemy of the country but rather the country itself. Three targets are chosen to maximize the effect of the attack: a school, a tube station, and a water-treatment plant. Several hundred die within the first few weeks. Until at last the true goal comes into view.

Before the St. Mary's crisis, no one would have predicted the outcome of the elections. No one. But after the election, lo and behold, a miracle. Some believed that it was the work of God himself, but it was a pharmaceutical company controlled by certain party members made them all obscenely rich. But the true genius of the plan was the fear. A year later, several extremists are tried, found guilty, and executed while a memorial is built to canonize their victims. Fear became the ultimate tool of this government. And through it our politician was ultimately appointed to the newly created position of High Chancellor. The rest, as they say, is history.

The "young up-and-coming" politican "V" references is Adam Sutler, who is the man who becomes the High Chancellor (dictator) of England through the chaos brought forth via the false flag viral attack he was responsible for orchestrating. You will notice that the sigil Sutler uses is a red double-cross. The immediate take-away is the massive, conspiratorial double-cross that the government officials perpetrated against their citizens. What some may not realize is that the red double-cross is actually "The Cross of Lorraine". The Cross of Lorraine is a powerful sodomy symbol and has a very interesting history, which is worth pursuing as The Lord leads. If you are lead to pursue such a line of inquiry, I recommend starting here.

The Cross of Lorraine and the red sash on the railing are worth our attention as they are another stark example of the in-your-face signaling method employed to display the Satanic Ritual Abuse and trauma-based mind control programming practiced by the global elite. The red sash serves as a graphic reference to the ritual sacrifice by disembowelment resulting in bloody guts that Bob covered in "Part 19 - 2012 London Olympics - Bloody Guts Death Ritual Magick".

Sutler and his partners-in-crime developed their viral bio-weapon at a secret government facility called "Larkhill Detention Centre". Whether or not there is a detention center there I cannot say, but Larkhill is an actual place with historical ties to the military, and is located within the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

Undesirable members of society were "disappeared" and taken to the facility where they were detained and subjected to experimentation as Sutler and his fellow conspirators were looking to perfect their bio-weapon and necessary cure. Another clip of the movie explains in greater detail what was taking place at the Larkhill facility:

May 23rd: My first batch of subjects arrived today, and I have to admit that I am very excited. This could be the dawn of a New Age. Nuclear power is meaningless in a world where a virus can kill an entire population and its wealth remains intact.

May 27th: Commander Prothero toured the lab with a priest, Father Lilliman. All I was told was he was here to monitor for rules and rights violations...made me nervous, but afterwards the commander assured me there wouldn't be a problem.

June 2nd: I kept wondering if these people knew how they might be helping their country if they might act any differently. They're so weak and pathetic. They never look you in the eye. I find myself hating them.

August 18th: Of the original four dozen over seventy-five percent are now deceased. No controllable person has yet emerged.

September 18th: There is one case that continues to give me hope. He exhibits none of the immune system pathologies the other subjects developed. I discovered several cellular anomalies in his blood that I have been unable to categorize. Mutations seemed to have triggered the abnormal development of basic kinesthesia and reflexes. The subject said he could no longer remember who he was, or where he was from. Whoever he was, he is now the key to our dream, and the hope that all of this would not have been in vain.

November 5th: It started last night. Around midnight the first explosion tore open the entire medical section. All my work...gone. I was trying to understand how it could have happened and I saw him, the man from room five. He looked at me, not with eyes, there were no eyes, but I know he was looking at me because I felt it.

This clip and corresponding collection of images demonstrates the horrors suffered by those detained and experimented on. The vast majority of them died due to what was done to them as the secret government program sought to perfect their false flag bio-weapon virus that would be used against the people to catapult them into power and cement their hegemonic control.

As "V explained in the first video clip, Sutler and his group were successful in developing the most terrifying virus imaginable and the cure. It was necessary for them to develop the cure while they were perfecting their virus for two main reasons. Firstly, to inoculate themselves in advance to ensure they did not suffer the same fate as those they unleashed the virus upon. Secondly, to have the cure for the disease on hand so that they could use the fear created by the pandemic as leverage against the populace so that they would be willing to accept any measure necessary so long as the chaos was brought to an end and their safety was ensured. The true evil genius of this dynamic is displayed as the people representing themselves as the "saviors" with the ability to end the chaos were the people responsible for creating it. They were able to restore order by providing the cure the populace demanded, and by doing so they were able to cement themselves firmly in power enabling them to unveil their police state apparatus. This is a prime example of the Hegelian Dialectic at work.

"V" informs us that "three targets are chosen to maximize the effect of the attack: a school, a tube station, and a water-treatment plant." When "V" discusses the effect of the attack we must conclude that the desired effect is not just maximizing casualties, but also generating as much fear, panic, and chaos as possible. Imagine a reported viral bio-weapon terrorist attack on an elementary school, water treatment plant, and major public transportation hub. What do you think the public response would be? Fear, panic, an chaos would rule the day as people began a mad scramble to procure necessary survival items.

In the movie the media is complicit in the affair pumping out headline after headline perpetuating the fable of the terrorist strike as the propaganda machine continues to spew the necessary deceitful bile needed to maintain the panic, fear, and chaos. I do not believe it is a stretch to proclaim that the media in "real life" is guilty of the very same tactics!

Fear stemming from the the fleshly desire to preserve one's life at all costs turns people into mindless puppets focusing on nothing but "peace and safety", rendering all discernment and rational thought null-and-void which is exactly what those in power count on.

In light of the ongoing discussion about possible false flag scenarios surrounding the 2012 London Olympic Games, I believe it is critical to point out two things pertaining to this film. Firstly, London is the epicenter of the entire film and the ground-zero point of origin of the viral bio-weapon false flag event. As if that were not ominous enough, you will notice that the number of reported dead in the film is 80,000 people. It is beyond any conceivable notion of coincidence that the London Olympic Stadium was designed to hold 80,000 spectators!

I would be remiss if I did not mention another rather ominous tie-in between the film and the 2012 London Olympic Games. Just at St. Mary's was chosen to be the point of origin for the viral bio-weapon in the film, those responsible for the Cultural Olympiad preceding the Olympic Games selected "St Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay" as the point to direct a rainbow colored laser light-show to mark the beginning of the Cultural Olympiad leading up to the Olympic Games. Notice that the selected location of St. Mary's Lighthouse is found on a body of water, Whitley Bay, which is rather similar to the false flag target of Three Waters water treatment facility in the movie, is it not?

There is another ominous signal presented in the film that neatly fits within the discussion of the potential for a weaponized Bird Flu false flag attack being carried out at the 2012 London Olympic Games. We address this possibility in great detail in Part 24 and Part 26 of the "2012 London Olympics" series. The image to the right appears during a newscast within the movie. What immediately caught my attention is the large "Avian Flu" graphic on the screen, but if we look closely we can see there is even more being signaled. The date on the broadcast is August 21, which can be read as 8-21, which can then be rendered "8+2+1=11". We have the eleven, but where are the nine? During the audio of the clip we are told that nine suspects were arrested under suspicion of hoarding Avian Flu vaccine. There we have it folks, yet another "9-11" signal presented within the context of Avian Flu and vaccines!

"V For Vendetta" provided a very strong "9-11" signal and it did not fail to provide the subsequent "9-12" signaling image as well. This image is taken from the clip describing the atrocious clandestine activities taking place at Larkhill Detention Centre where the viral bio-weapon and cure were discovered. You can clearly see the "219" on the glass in the background, and if we simply reverse that number we have the "9-12" signal. It must be noted that they present this "9-12" signal within the context of the vaccine/cure that was the means of putting an end to the fear and chaos, which then cemented the power structure and ushered in the police state.

The "9-12" police state world that existed in the movie was one where the citizens were forced to deal with such things as government imposed curfews, blacklist censorship, audio sweeps attempting to listen to what everyone was saying, retinal identification scans, arbitrary detainment of anyone for any reason, and quarantining of citizens at the government's will. This is the type of world that was brought about by the false flag viral bio-weapon, and if you think that something like this could never happen in the "real world" then you simply haven't been paying very close attention to everything that is happening around you.

I find this particular image rather powerful as it manages to say what it would take many posts to convey. I will end this post with one simple question:

"Do you believe that our current government, and world leaders, could be accurately characterized as a Coalition of the Willing?"

I certainly do.

By Aaron Hermann

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