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Part 32 - The Sodomite Gateway - G4S - By the Numbers

If you are a trauma-based SRA mind-control victim and still have to be mindful of triggers, you may want to skip this series of posts. If you're disturbed in any way by descriptions of sexual imagery, please give a similar consideration. This is material fit for the healthy and mature.

Numbers are sometimes leveraged by those who disregard the second commandment to signal the sodomite gateway in subtle ways, often using a 2 and 4 to picture a squatting person presenting themselves for sodomy. The 2, 4 and the number 21 may be used to signal Jupiter, aka Zeus and Satan, because of the astrological glyph.

The logo for the private security company responsible for the London Olympics is pretty subtle, unless you're familiar with the ancient sex magick of the ruling elite. Their flat-top G is squaring the circle. The 4, as a squatting person with their hands on their knees, is being engaged by the G (Illumined Mason) in the way of sodomites. The white S pictures the serpent illumination of ritual sodomy, the activation of the Kundalini gland to open the third eye. The red resembles wings ascending the red-Adam man as his blood merges with the sodomite gods. The more common logo has a white background. It keeps the red but inverts the black and white elements.

See the image with the eye of Horus in the upper right of this collage? The dirty bird behind is engaging the one represented by the opened third eye, and the crowned serpent represents the kundalini serpent activation that gives them access to authority and power. This is the hieroglyphic G4S logo and the esoteric declaration of from where their authority really derives. G4SerpentSodomy

G4S proudly proclaims their status as “The world's leading international security solutions group” but they seem to be losing their shine. Re. Boss of security company G4S apologizes after Olympic fiasco forces UK to call in the army

The assumed head of the 4 can't be seen because it's white-on-white (or black-on-black). It's kind of like the assumed 6th capstone ring of the Olympics logo. The promo graphic for the Bay Area Quest 4 Truth event does a fine job illustrating the illumined head, alien (demonic), of course.

In Pittsburgh, Channel 4 does their share of sodomy promotion. Near where I live, their broadcast tower presents the squatting figure of their brightly lit logo for all to see. Why do I think this signals sodomy? Their Web site makes it more plain, which you can see at the bottom of this collection. They adjust the angle and zoom in and crop the 4 to put the focus on the business end.. A triangle is formed by extending the line of the left-most edge of the W. That's done to call out the anal triangle, for sodomy. Those sly dogs. How low will they stoop?

The white at the upper edges in the circle containing their brand's stylized 4 in the Action News graphic seems to represent illumination and clouds. The broadcast antenna sign seems to show clouds, the clouds without water of the book of Jude, who are sodomizers.

The stylized 4 inside the circle suggests the alchemical triangle in circle and a square in circle, and a Picasso-esque sort of Masonic compass and square.

Channel 4 has a show called Electric Playground, whose logo is a phallic package that makes for some ritual sex magick. The logo is featured on the microphone they use to give interviews. Simply holding the mic presents sex magick. The interviewer presents the butt end of it. Talk about, “in your face,” right? The logo is a phallic Eye of Horus logo, if you think back to the "i" of Horus series. The left eye (on the right) is darkened to present Harmerty, “Horus who rules with two eyes.”

This screen is so richly laden with layer upon layer of symbolism. WTAE is an ABC network affiliate, and their abc logo decodes to a phallic package and a Harmerty. There's the Electric Playground , Channel 4 and the ABC logos across the bottom. The tennis game they show onscreen has a pair of M's flanking the steps. The Steps of Freemasonry? M&M and 33?

You can see from the zoomed and cropped version of the 4 that it could easily be mistaken for a 2.

The 2 is leveraged by Copley Square Hotel in the same way, as a squatting partner to engage. The C is circular and the 2 squares the circle. Sodomy. Copley Square-ing the circle. The Copley Square Hotel logo is another instance of sodomizing Jupiter to get his power, with the 2 being part of the astrological glyph, like in the G4S logo above.

Their Copley Plaza logo resembles the one for Pacific Palms. That's just wrong. Really wrong.

Here's one from Pittsburgh's recent Man Up event. Obviously, the prostate exam is suggested, the urologist's gloved hand's anal probe. The sodomite gateway - By the Numbers: 10. On the play by play, I will score this event, one to nothing: Butterfinger.

Where's the sodomy cue? The tie. Solidarity ribbon? That's the tie that binds, the ritual sodomy that binds two together as one, like the crossed keys of the oath of secrecy. Remember the Paul Rand classic UPS logo?

Remember Tubal Cain, symbol of Freemasonry?

The Binding Tie cigars have a witness to the tie, which is seen at the bottom joining the branches together, in the midst of a collection of sodomite binding images.

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  1. Anonymous2:46 AM

    This is insane but probably true... Curious that G4 S provide security to Israeli families deep inside Palestinian territory... hmmm... not at all zionist. I don't know if you're familiar with the alleged leak from inside G4S saying they were preparing for an 'event' near the end of the games, and for some bizarre reason have 200,000 caskets for bodies 'just in case'. If that is the case, the gift of a thorn to each country might be triggered a little beforehand, as theorists tend to see the No.11 as a key day. It seems unlikely though they'd trigger an event before their ceremonial magic is complete.

    I'll have to stop reading up on all of this, I think I need to cool off. I think I want to read up on flowers next and slip into blissful ignorance...