Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Part 29 - 2012 London Olympics - Golden Magick Circles

If the opening ceremony of the London Olympics is intended to be the mega magick ritual it seems, those sorcery sponsoring agents would surely have an interest in making it as powerfully effective as it can be. Witchcraft spells are typically performed in the context of a magick circle. Are there signs of intent to cast such a circle, or that such a circle has been cast? I believe so. I think more evidence will become evident during the ceremony. If you are led to watch the televised ceremonies, you may recognize the casting of a magick circle prior to when the main rituals are performed.

The post titled, Part 1 - "I, Pet Goat II" - Golden Magick Circle, introduces the magick circle as a segue to this post. If you haven't read that yet, you may want to pause to do so now. I'm going to be making some observations about a couple circles that relate to overlays of the Olympic medals, which brings some really intriguing items to light. I'm also going to be pointing out what hints at the four elements or watchtowers of circle casting.

I began to think about the magick circle after I wrote about the Olympic medal as a magickal medallion and schematic of dark energy in Part 25 of this series. I gave it more thought after discovering how the Shard sits at the perimeter of the medal when overlaid on the map of London. Having a sense of the importance of the medal's mapping or aligning function, I considered what role the River Thames might play in the context of the Olympic Stadium's set for the "dark Satanic mills segment of the opening ceremonies. I overlaid the medal on that model landscape as I had done with the map of London and found that it fit rather neatly within the stadium, as I will illustrate shortly.

It seems likely to me that the medal represents magick circles, legitimate, real, magick circles. The gold medal compares in my mind to the gold magick circle in “I, Pet Goat II.” One is a ring and the other is a disk, technically, but both can represent the intersection of a bounding sphere.

In the Olympic medal version, the two characters that many perceive in the logo appear inside the magick circle, performing ritual sex magick.

Some perceive sodomy in this logo, with the dot in the middle of the logo being part of the phallus of the character on the right. The triangle in the negative space represents both the arrowhead of that phallus and the anal triangle of the "london" character. That certainly will seem fitting to many Londoners, who say this is how they feel they are being treated by the IOC, partners and participants represented by the Olympic logo. Personally, I have to think this situation is one of the logo's intended messages. That golden phallus locates at the Isle of Dogs (male prostitute) Pumping Station with Mudchute Park just south of it. Think about it. Check the map for yourself. Is that too subtle? Can we take a hint?

In the logo's Simpsons metaphor, the logo's peculiar stacked elements we are told means 2012 breaks out to the 21 being the male “Bart,” the High Priest inside the circle. The 02 of the 2012, is “Lisa,” the High Priestess. The medal is illustrating a sex magick ritual being performed in a magick circle by a high priest and high priestess!

Now, comparison with a map of London will illustrate how the 02 of the 2012 is nearly centered on the O2 arena, the Olympic venue. To me, this really validates the medal and its overlay on the map as being in the mind of the logo designer. BTW, that's Satan, ultimately. I haven't vetted this, but I heard in a video that Wolff Olins has indicated that the Olympic logo they designed was spirited, which I took when I heard it as a confession that it was divined. I believe it was, whether it has been admitted or not. The 02 “Lisa Simpson” of the medal overlay aligning with the O2 venue that speaks to me of the womb of Isis is evil genius.

Since the 02 High Priestess so obviously matches to the O2 venue, I have to give consideration to how the 21 High Priest might have some similar correspondence to provide the balance that seems so essential to the working of ritual magick. To what does the 21 High Priest map? Well, to an 80 foot tall “Prospero” with white gloves and a wand, apparently, according to rough photos taken while the set referred to as the "dark Satanic mills" of William Blake's Jerusalem was under construction. Magus to magus - it's a match, but this time in the stadium instead of out in the other magick circle mapped on the actual river.

Whether this is what will appear during the actual ceremony remains to be seen. I think it's almost a given that Boyle and company are going to "have some fun" by entertaining us with magic show stage trickery, while in reality there is real magick of a sinister sort being worked.

In the matching of the 21 High Priest to the magus inside the stadium set, there may be some esoteric stamping of the number 21 that intends to harmonize with the 02-O2 pairing. The number 21 is important to esoteric Zeus worshipers because in the Roman alias, Jupiter, his identifying symbol resembles this number. As you can see from this collection of images I made to illustrate the sodomite logo of the G4S security company, the Jupiter glyph looks like 21. Could the giant model of the sorcerer wielding the wand represent the god identified by the 21 glyph, as an idol, a substitutionary agent? The model magus has been said to be 80 feet tall. That's about 24 meters. Will the actual height be 21, providing another connection for a magical working?

Before moving on, I want to make an observation based on the idea that the character Prospero of Shakespeare's play, The Tempest, is based on Dr John Dee, who was at the least a very influential man in Francis Bacon's day. Noting that Prospero was seen to be set in place on what represents the Isle of Dogs, I perceive a homosexual link. The word dog is old slang for a homosexual male prostitute and Dee's popular esoteric image of Monas Hieroglyphica pictures, in stick figure language, the use of such a dog.

Now, notice how the Shard is on the London mapped medal's edge, precisely marking due west as a Watchtower, a Guardian elemental. The Olympic Park is due North. I suspect that has all been in the plans for quite some time. This observation leads me to suspect that there has been a ritual marking of the opposing cardinal points too. It seems likely that some special lighting will identify them, as candles often mark the cardinal points of the compass in the casting of circles.

These two medal overlays appear to be related, with one connecting to the other through the implied overlays on the River Thames and its stadium version. The medal overlaid in the stadium is located at the capstone of the pyramid-triangle of the medal overlaid on the actual River Thames. I wonder if there is a magical linking here, with a multiplication factor in the energy collected and harnessed by these connected golden magick circles, for the release of some amplified spell into the Universe from the concentrated power that rises in these magick circles. I have to think the pyramids mentioned in Part 25 factor into the directed supernaturalism of this dark energy scheme. There really is way too much in play to discount all of it as some freaky cosmic coincidence.

Now, when a circle is cast it is usually visualized by the one casting the circle as though flames of fire are appearing on the circle.

As you travel around the circle, visualise energy blasting from the instrument (or your fingers) down towards the circle like a flame. This flame continues to flicker on the outline of the circle like fire as you continue around with the circle.

(SEE CAVEAT ABOVE) Introduction to Casting the Magic Circle

The stadium in the Olympic Park in London is pictured with flames around it in this video. (at 2:14-2:25) Isn't this graphically illustrating it as a magick circle? London Olympic Stadium is a PAGAN ALTAR set up for OCCULT OPENING CEREMONY. Watch closely what's done with the white laser lights beaming into the sky while the flames go around the stadium. The magick circle is actually a sphere, right? The sphere boundary as the circle is cast seems to be illustrated by what is done with the laser beams. You may want to watch the entire video. It proposes the entire stadium as an altar. I have already presented the awards podium as a ritual altar. If they set this podium up at the north end of the stadium, where the Glastonbury Tor model will be during the opening ceremony, that fits the standard placement of the ritual altar within the magick circle.

There's more to this, and I will continue in another post, Lord willing!


  1. Ian Flemming's James Bond character is supposedly modelled after John Dee.

    Ian Flemming died on August 12.
    William Blake died on August 12.
    Olympic closing ceremonies on August 12.

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