Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Part 33 - The Sodomite Gateway - Eminem = EM IN *ME, backwards*

Given that the warriors of ancient Sparta, Alexander the Great and Hitler were sodomites, it should be no surprise that those who make violent and angry music are too. An infamous and violent rapper, Eminem, is heavily branded with sodomy. Rolling Stone magazine has ranked him 82nd on its list of The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. I'm going to point out a couple ways this is signaled.

His name was mentioned earlier in this series (Part 21), for his song, “3AM.” This linked article's title gives an overview of what the author noted from that song's music video. Eminem 3 A.M: Mass Satanic Sacrifice Ritual At The Masonic Temple/Hospital Mocking The Holy Trinity, The Devils Hour.

That rapper and actor's real name is Marshall Mathers, so the Eminem label taken as M and M seems innocent enough at first glance. His stage name is a homonym of the candy M&Ms, which I presented in Part 29 as signaling a “Mason on Mason,” and the esoteric 33, plus exploiting the “chocolate inside” scatological metaphor. As the candy is, so is the rapper, signaling sodomy. I wonder if he ever performed in the Monroeville Mall? ;) His alter ego is Slim Shady. Shady love?

His name is often stylized as EMIN∃M, reversing the second letter E and giving it the appearance of a number 3. Subliminally, operating below the threshold of consciousness, our minds flash to both letters as E and both as 3 to derive a likely interpretation of what strangeness we're looking at. This signals the Masonic 33 sodomy but there's a more personal message here. This rapper's moniker is tweaked to M IN M. M inside M, not just M and M. As you see in this image, Breaking it down, EMIN∃M becomes EM IN ME, backwards. That might be taken either as EM IN him, Marshall Mathers, or EM IN you and I, backwards, bottoms up! That's personal!

So who is the sodomizing Em? In the case of EM IN you and I it might be Marshall himself. He's big on the offending FU expression, so that's a likely interpretation. I think it has to be taken beyond that to the EM reducing to M, the thirteenth letter, and what that signifies in this context. The M is the sodomizing Horus entity, the rebel lord beast, the 13. His stage name then interprets as the sodomizing beast in Marshall and, by implication, in you and I.

Here's what one blogger had to say about Eminem.

Amen. But the rather important point that the protestors appear to have overlooked is, Sure, Em’s music is violently homophobic. It also happens to be violently homosexual. The two facts are not necessarily in contradiction of each other. Actually, in the world beyond the Care Bear sexuality of GLAAD, they’re inseparable. It might even be the case that the Grammy didn’t go to Em precisely because his lyrics are too queer. To understand this you just have to pay attention to the music instead of the press releases. Sodomy never sounded so seductive, or seditious.

blogger - CAVEAT: offensive content alert

Some of the art associated with Eminem's albums features the white cross in a red circle, a sodomy signal that compares to the red cross. It's a squaring of a circle and the supernaturalism of the joining of bloodstreams and souls in the tie that binds. This identification further brands the rapper as a sodomite.

By the way, Lady Gaga tips us off as to the source of her powerful influence and popularity in a song titled Scheiße, which is German for, well, feces. She sings, “I don't speak German But I can if you like.” Russ Dizdar (and others who should know) declare how SRA trauma-based mind-control slaves all have an alter that speaks fluent German. They don't have to learn German, this is simply installed, demonically. Ritual sodomy is used to open the third eye and install demons, who lend their supernatural abilities. Lady Gaga doesn't speak German, but she can if you like. I'm sure she can. Scheiße - wink wink.

I know, I'm just ruining it for all you fans of rap and pop. I joke, but it's not really funny. The programming of our culture is effective, even if you don't listen to music, watch TV or movies. Unless the Lord protects you from the seductive sorceries of Mystery Babylon, you are not free. This continuing work of exposing the sodomite gateway's imprint on our world brings a freedom as the Lord Y'shua Himself opens our eyes. To see things as He sees them, to know what He knows, to love as He loves, this is of real and enduring value. He imparts His mind and heart as He reveals Himself to those who obey him, who genuinely humble themselves before Him. I pray this is your experience, my friend.


  1. Could you guide me to an explanation of squaring of the circle? Thanks Bob

  2. Hello Joetry,

    You will find a detailed explanation of the squaring of the circle in these two posts:

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  3. Hitler a sodomite. Yeah right. Now I know this is all total bullshit. IT IS THE TALMUDISTS. The take over the world and kill anyone obstructing -crew.

    1. So, The Pink Swastika, you have researched it and debunked all the documentation? You are easily deceived.