Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Part 30 - The Sodomite Gateway - G-EYE JOE

GI Joe. When I was little I had the doll. It was heavily marketed as a new item, and I remember being very excited when I opened a Christmas present and found the little “action soldier.” I had no idea about the real meaning of Christmas as a pagan celebration of Mystery Babylon, of course, and no idea that the doll was part of the recruiting effort for the army of antichrist.

When you learn how the Masons embed symbols of the gastrointestinal tract everywhere they can to witness to ritual sodomy and cast the seductive spell, the name given the now classic doll for boys is immediately suspect. G.I. = gastrointestinal - the GI tract. The Steps of Freemasonry. Toys for boy-toys. Clever ploy! Evil genius! It seems to be working.

Sure, there's plausible deniability here. A soldier is referred to as a GI, which is commonly accepted as standing for Government Issue or General Issue. I have to think that's just a cover for the esoteric meaning.

G-EYE Joe - Masonic gastrointestinal Joe, the super-soldier enlightened through ritual sodomy. G.I. Joe, mind-controlled slave programmed with demonic weaponry as a psi warrier, drafted into the army of the antichrist.

The term "GI" seems to have been first used by the US Government in an official context to refer to a soldier in 1935, the very same year the occult Great Seal was put on the Federal Reserve Note $1 bill.

Note, the oversized dog tags on the doll in the box. Dog. Male Prostitute.

Dolls were pretty much for girls until the G.I. Joe doll came along.

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  1. Why is a male pro referred to as a dog? Makes me think of GIggolo. Surely not a coincidence there. And what does the Joe represent? Cup of joe/cotton eye Joe. Sucks that my nickname is Joe :/ but I digress.

    Also according to my research if you loop the alphabet, G is the 33rd letter. So there’s sodomy again.