Sunday, July 29, 2012

Part 2 - "I, Pet Goat II" - 9-11! Illuminati Mind Control

Continuing from Part 1, that opening scene of the classroom-set puppet stage show that illustrates the magick circle so well includes a clear picture of trauma-based mind-control. I'm going to focus on that aspect of the scene in this post, which you should note as appearing during a sequence of posts on the London Olympics.

This is intended in part as a segue into showing how one of the scenes of the Opening Ceremony pictures elements of trauma-based mind-control. In both “I, Pet Goat” and the Olympic ceremony, these cues appear in contexts that conceal but also reveal a critically important testimony of the underlying dynamic. To those who can interpret the symbolic language, the witness is plain! In both presentations, the magick circle and the spells cast have been illustrated for us, and alongside the magick the presence and role of trauma-based mind control have also been illustrated. The ritual magick and the mind control are inseparable, rather like two sides of a coin. These presentations are useful for our learning because those responsible for them demonstrate to us that they know their occult symbols language and what messages to send.

If you're new to the blog or to the subject of trauma-based mind-control, I've been covering this for a while on the blog. Use the search tool for words like trauma or SRA and you'll find many results including posts from the Rango and Sodomite Gateway series, plus others, with lots of informational links. In brief, it describes the hijacking of a person, making them a mind-controlled slave. This has been done for a very long time and is well documented. In the modern era, labels have been applied like MK-ULTRA and Monarch that reference some organized efforts but more general terms like SRA (Satanic or Sadistic Ritual Abuse) or simply ritual abuse may also be used to refer to this hijacking. Sodomy is always involved as one of the essential activities, and trauma is always used as a tool to fracture the mind into a compartmentalized and highly organized system. The victims are often referred to as multiples because they have multiple alters, alternate identities. Some are also called chosen ones, when their bloodline factors into the situation. Not long ago I was very skeptical about the stories I would hear, but when the Lord dramatically opened to me what involved members of my own family, the reality of what I had found so unbelievable was immediately undeniable.

Warning: If you are a trauma-based SRA mind-control victim and still have to be mindful of triggers, you may want to skip this post and move on without going any further. If you're disturbed in any way by descriptions of sexual imagery, please give a similar consideration. This is material fit for the healthy and mature.

If you want to watch "I, Pet Goat II" again, you can find the video embedded and linked in the Part 1, here. If the video and post aren't both pretty fresh in mind, you may want to review before continuing here.

This screenshot shows the Obama puppet laughing. The teleprompter reads, “lol”, so he's acting right on cue according to some scripted direction. The tassel of his graduation cap swings over a picture of a brain being split by lightning. The split brain is the split mind, the essential feature of trauma-based mind-control that's technically called dissociation. The adjacent picture of a dragon illustrates the installation of demonic entities (Legion) that is an essential feature of the process. The lightning bolt is the legendary weapon and symbol of Zeus, aka Satan. I'll explain more shortly, but the purple tassel attached to the mortar board signals the ritual sodomy that makes the process of the ritual abuse system work.

Ron Patton: Can you elaborate further on how the ritual abuse system is formed and how it works?

Marion Knox: Well, as I began to work with more survivors, I gathered more details and was able to kind of form a victim's profile. So as I mentioned before, they take a child at approximately three years of age and make the child fast for several days, force the child to witness human sacrifices, and to participate in a cannibalistic communion service. In some instances, they physically abuse the child and then place he or she in a cage or coffin to further the trauma. The child is sometimes drowned in a baptismal ceremony and brought back to life. In the process of all this blasphemy, the child's mind is reversed or shattered into multiplicity. The act of sodomy is also performed to open up the victim's "third eye" which is suppose to enhance psychic ability. During this vial act, a demonic system called, "Legion" is installed. In the King James Bible, Legion is referred to as an, "unclean spirit". This is systematically done to have complete control over the child, like creating a programmed robot.”


The expression of Newton's Third Law of Motion is a little advanced for elementary school, don't you agree? It's there to support the brain splitting. If you apply enough force to one side of the equation it exceeds the limit and breaks. Enough trauma will overload a person's capacity to cope with reality, and this is what's being presented. On the blackboard, we see the scary looking shark and the burning house, which frames the heads of the seated presidential puppets to illustrate squeezing the mind in a vice of terror. The message here is that their minds were split due to unbearable trauma, inflicted upon them in ritual when they were young children to initiate them as chosen ones.

The picture of the dead hanging stick figure with one leg has the word "evolution" in play, obviously the familiar game of Hangman, right? This pictures the human torture and sacrifice that is always part of the trauma inducing process. The hangman game also pictures using tortured, dismembered and slain family pets, and the stuffed animals and dolls of the victims, too, and also the hanging / drowning / suffocating of the victims who are revived and the very last moment possible. All of this builds trauma and forces the essential mechanism, dissociation. The hangman pictures required elements of the magickal ritual of Satanic worship as performed by the Illuminated elite.

At the top of the blackboard we see an ejaculating phallus, which might be easily dismissed by the naive as just a naughty classroom prank. Ritual sex magick is a requisite feature in the mind control process. Most particularly, this involves sodomy. This is the message of the evolution chart above the board next to the clock. The seventh (completed, perfected) form is illuminated as with the sun dawning. You read Knox's testimony about sodomy being performed to open up the victim's "third eye." There it is. Third eye enlightenment, illumination, gnosis. Purple is the color for sodomy, the color of the chart. This is the Illuminati formula for man's evolution. “Evolution” is the hangman's message, and the missing letters tell us this is a work in progress. The form of the message also informs us about the process.

The missing leg of the hanging man and the partially erased letter “e” suggests we add a letter “R” to the front. Revolution! This is in the works, turning the present order into the new order through leveraging chaos. The chaos will be directed by the programmers and their handlers, the manipulator mechanism of Satan that was illustrated in the opening title sequence.

Other messages of the hangman's cryptic solution involve “evoL.” Evil? Certainly, but the upper-case L suggests reversing it to “Love.” So, “evoL” as backwards Love - the act of sodomy? Ritual sodomy? Yes!

It's a sad fact that what is programmed into the slave really is a backwards kind of love, counterfeiting healthy love between people. The well documented Stockholm Syndrome has the kidnapped falling in love with the kidnapper. The abused love the abusers. It's so wrong, but that's how it works. The SRA multiples are victims who love Satan and see him as the good guy, due to the demons installed.

This “evoL” featured in the hangman's solution is also a revelation of what's being so heavily promoted today as genuine love but is rather a perverted counterfeit of the character of the one I serve, who is Love. For one example, Glenn Beck (don't ask him about his secret underwear - shhhhh) has a copy of the Liberty Bell and is using it in a huge stadium event in Dallas. The event is called, Restoring Love. (Ever think you’d hear the liberty bell at Dallas cowboys stadium? Here’s a preview) If an action is not sponsored by my God and done in obedience, it's not the love that endures. Yeah, here's me, making enemies of the worldly. It needs to be said. Read his logo and accept what you see. Another example of “evoL” is Google's worldwide 'Legalize Love' campaign, where they claim to be fighting homophobia but are in truth rebelling against the one who is Love. The agents behind Beck's and Google's “evoL” are Illumined, manipulated by Satan just like the presidential puppets on stage in "I, Pet Goat II." How many times do we have to be told, and how many ways do we have to be shown before we catch on to how the big game show is played?

The first illustration of the pairing of ritual magick and trauma-based mind control comes in the opening title sequence. Watch and listen closely to the video as the letter blocks of the title appear. We hear the bell around the goat's neck ring as the goat's head moves around, summoning the letters as demons in a etheric vortex to form the title, which turns to gold in an alchemical display.

There are nine character blocks. These are the “building blocks of life”, the 9-signaling triple helix DNA transformation of the coming mark of the beast. This title is also signaling a 9-11! There does not seem to be a part I version of this video, just a part II. IF so, this is probably why! There are 9 character blocks, followed by, well, an 11. 9-11. This is another Illuminati warning of an emergency transformational event, bringing as we see at the end of a video, the dawn of the golden age, the Illuminist Aeon of Horus. See Satan, pulling the strings as the manipulator of this 9-11?

The goat head (stamped with a bar code and 666) is a familiar symbol of the Satanic idol called the Goat of Mendes, which is sometimes pictured relative to the encircled pentagram used for demonic invocation during magick ritual. We're shown in the most obvious way possible that Satan is manipulating Bush and Obama in the opening title sequence. They are as marionettes, mind-controlled puppets. The magickal invocation and Satanic control of the mind, together as operational partners.

There really is plenty more here on the subject, so I may return to it, Lord willing, but this is sufficient for today's purposes.


  1. This video was very creepy. Do you believe it is a benevolent warning or a malevolent signal?

  2. The way I understand it, everything from that "well" only flows in one direction. There is no benevolence there, only the illusion of it in the tension created for the engaging of the masses.


  4. To intheknow7 - thanks!