Saturday, July 28, 2012

Part 32 - 2012 London Olympics - One Creepy Baby, in a Zeus Free Zone?

In Pittsburgh, Comcast presented the ceremony on NBC. They scrubbed Zeus entirely from the record. That kind of filtering is not what can reasonably be considered as honest coverage of an event, which is something I think most people watching assume they're going to get from the respected name brand media. If you watched from somewhere else and got the “Zeus included” version, this exclusion may surprise you. Here in America, the concept that we are a Christian nation is still an ongoing sales job. Many just don't want to hear the name of Zeus voiced, so they don't name him. Most Americans are happy to worship Satan and his pantheon of gods, but just don't call him that. It might give us pause to think about what we do and why we do it. That might be disturbing. We might even wake up. That might make us less compliant.

So, by deceiving us, withholding even the barest hint of the reason for the games and ceremonies, the coverage of the London Olympics by NBC is nothing less than a massive conspiracy. The media is complicit with the IOC in the perpetrating of this fraud. If they weren't, there would be big trouble over this because the IOC has control; make no mistake about that. This concealing of the reason for the event, which is most simply to honor and exalt Zeus, serves those behind the games and the promotion of the games by slipping Olympism into our minds and hearts and lives in stealth. This is how control is wielded. We do not resist what isn't perceived as a threat.

With subliminal programming being the mechanism by which their control system works, the clever commentary was carefully crafted to achieve their goals. What was relayed to us by the media shills was done in the convention of the occult, concealing and revealing, layered with NLP. The puppets voicing the programmer's script utterly failed to provide an convincing explanation of many of the puzzling things we were shown. Where did that giant creepy baby come from? I'm going to try to fill in some of the gaping holes, sharing what I saw and what it means to me.

If this is all new to you, I recommend starting here: Series Links: 2012 London Olympics.

In watching the opening ceremony last night, validation after validation poured out of the TV.


It was the same message that was sent from Beijing, and Vancouver, for that matter, and on down the line. In the details, beans were spilled about how this is done and the role of the UK in it. I've written plenty already about the message and how it was sent from Beijing. I'll write less about this one, much less. The impact of this mega ritual will be more evident because it builds upon every one that has come before it, but I'll write less because the season for this activity will be cut short. The time has come for the evil scheme of the worshipers of Zeus to bear fruit, and dissenting voices will soon be silenced. If you appreciate this season the Lord has granted by His mercy and exceeding grace, make it count in your domain, personally, in your family and circle of influence according as the Lord grants it.

So, where did that creepy baby come from? And, what was the point? If you isolate this from everything else, it makes no sense, but the messages sent in the layered system of Olympic Ceremony symbolism are redundant, so we can take meaning from elsewhere. When we focus on the over arching theme of the birthing of antichrist, the emerging of the exalted god-man and his world system, it makes perfect sense!

For example, when the winged bicycle beasts emerge from under the Bell of Caliban, they circle everyone inside the stadium floor and descend back under the Bell. We're told by the commentators these represent the original doves of peace that were released at the ancient Olympics. In symbol, they are definitely NOT doves, but taking their cue and thinking back to ancient Greece we may recall Pegasus, the winged horse. Pegasus was a god, chimeric.

A band is on the stage at the entrance to the orifice of this bat cave of sorts, seen in a stadium dramatically lit in a blue Gotham City like air. They are the Arctic Monkeys, evoking associations with the flying monkeys of the Wizard of Oz, those trauma inducing agents of the wicked witch of the West. The band is playing a haunting cover of The Beatles classic, Come Together. “One thing I can tell you is you've got to be free. Come together right now over me.” Here's the connecting point that makes a sequence that is otherwise entirely non sequitur fit with everything else in the context, and explain the giant baby. The doves are iridescent mechanized angels, demon-gods from the underworld. They are invited to “come together over me”, meaning, covering in sexual intercourse as incubus with a willing human partner. This is an engagement with a supernaturalism that sets those so covered free, in esoteric literature and in reality, after a certain fashion. It's an evil counterfeit, but nonetheless there is a legitimacy to it. The doves are dragons, unleashed from their lair, ordained to perform a reproductive ritual with their magickal seed.

Validating this interpretation, at the climax of the scene one of them ascends into the heavens pedaling his bicycle. This evokes the scene from ET, which is even expressed by the commentators in an apparent (staged) musing. Man is ascended as the rise of the dark knight, the bat man. This is the ascension of The ExtraTerrestrial from the sea of humanity, the ascension of a god, the dawn of Apollo, the birth of the god-man antichrist beast! This is what's wrought by the sex magick.

So, the creepy giant baby showed up at precisely the right moment, at the conclusion of a bizarre scene filled with wizards, witches, nurses, children, iron beds - and massive manipulative misdirection. This birth was the intent of the spell being cast!

Some apparently bought the version sold to them, that it was a collection of quirky entertainments for the promotion of the NHS and GOSH, with children's literature thrown in to make it like a witch's cauldron, stirring in some Peter Pan, Harry Potter and Mary Poppins. If that's all you took away from it, you might want to consider adjusting your medication. Some interpreted it politically as simply pressing a left-wing socialist agenda, because the National Health Service is the "publicly funded healthcare system" in England. Interpreted for those of you aren't reading past the newspeak, that's government sponsored and enforced medical provisioning. The NHS is the largest and oldest single-payer healthcare system in the world. GOSH is the affiliated Great Ormond Street Hospital, part of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust. While promoting that affiliated pair looks bad to those who see with one eye, squinting, it looks worse to those with a more informed perspective, much worse!

A while back, when I first learned Boyle was going to feature a scene with nurses and children, I knew right off this was going to be leveraged for midwifery, for the delivery of a baby. Zeus is fathering a son, you see. Apollo will be birthed, but not without help. That's where the NHS comes in. And ObamaCare. And, fill in the blank with the name of your official government-corporate sponsored social medical machine. The Lord showed me through the NCR corporate marketing sequence that the mark of the beast would be implemented as introduced by our trusted health care professionals. Until that time comes, the system is being heavily leveraged to prep us for that day.

People who fear for their welfare and place their trust in anything that is not truly the Lord's provision fall into a trap. If you find yourself caught in that snare, get out now. It's impossible, of course, but this kind of thing is the Lord's specialty. The real point here, my friend, is to learn to trust in the Lord Y'shua. Seek and accept only His provision. Don't wait! Seek the Lord for all you're worth.

That creepy baby appearing at the close of that scene has a little more to say to us about the situation at hand. The first questions about it might involve when, where and how it was conceived. Let's revisit the scene where the ring had been cast.

Introduced in the previous post, the imagery of this scene has another layer of meaning. Conception is taking place, literally, sex magick. The fire marking the path of the gold poured into the mold was a winding path, connecting with the ring as the tail to the head of a sperm. The sperm was cast. It was cast on the earth. Ejaculated. Earth was impregnated, and the golden ring was lifted up out of the earth as a fertile egg. Sex magick! You can interpret the huge smokestacks in the scene as alluding to the obelisks of Egypt, the male phallus of Osiris. Isis was going to have a baby. Her magickal work with the fabricated phallus was in Boyle's dramatic interpretation, the “industrial revolution.”

“All of the energies unleashed by the industrial revolution are now trained on the center of the stage and the forging of a massive ring. And here's one of the magic moments...”

That's the magickal conception of the Baby, Horus, Apollo. In other terms, this is the work of the Wagnerian Nibelungen, Tolkien's one ring, made by Sauron/Satan in the fires of Mordor “to rule them all.” Global governance. A Luciferian one world order of the age. When the golden ring joined the other rings in the sky and we saw them ultimately elevated as above the globe of the earth, this signaled the rule of the golden gods in the aeon of Horus, the dawn of the golden age! This is a match to what's pictured in I, Pet Goat II, and the goal of the Illuminati.

(See also Crop Sign: Winged Serpent Seeds Fertilise Body of Gaia)

The lifting up of the rings above the globe of the earth represented, too, the grander scale of the magick circle that had literally been cast. The fiery golden sperm-ring in the stadium was only symbolic of the greater magickal ritual, a mega ritual within a ring-bubble expanded to reach beyond the circumference of the earth. The atmospheric heavens above were bounded within the sphere of concentrated magical energy. The participation of the nations on every continent, and of all the perverse sorceries of the Grand Climax add together.

Bits of paper were dropped from the sky during the ceremony, numbering 7 billion. The number is signaling that there was one for every human living on the planet. You and I were there, by proxy. We were pretty much trampled, insignificant. We were there by proxy in another symbol, represented nationally by the copper petals that composed the Olympic Cauldron - vessels for the fire of Zeus.

This is the testimony of those working the magick, if you can accept their testimony.

More to come, Lord willing!


  1. Just an observation, when the copper torches were lit and started to rise, it looked like the lens of an eye, and when completely upright the camera shot from inside center looking up through was reminiscent of saurons fiery eye

  2. I hope you heard the entire Tubular Bells sequence before the baby! And the beds levitating and the whole scene from the Exorcist film - which was also portrayed one day after the Super Bowl ritual at the Grammy ritual.

  3. The Olympics, The Giant Baby & The Dark Knight Rises

  4. Thank-you for this important work.

  5. It's amazing if you think that these are only partially intended for us. They seem mainly to be meant to be viewed from 'above' us in hyperspace that so many allowed themselves to be included as well to give shape to the event's existence in hyperspace. However, the LORD ALMIGHTY gives not one shit about all this scraps of paper are just scraps of paper to Him. Remember if you have faith God Almighty is the owner of your soul and the only master you will ever hold allegiance to. These lost people and the energy that manipulates them because of their uncriticality are derivative of the divine and have no claim to your person your energy your soul. From a former believer in the temple of scientism, my word is that magick and paganism are real threats in this world from those unworthies who try to interact with the lesser powers.