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Part 27 - 2012 London Olympics - Bring Out Your Dead [ringing sound]

[UPDATE] The interview I did with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations for an Olympics special has just been posted. I'm one of several guests who offered some thoughts on the subject.

Death. Ominous signs of death. Everything being celebrated in preparation for the Olympics has the smell of death on it. Warning signals of death keep coming. This series has been highlighting the occult symbolism and offering relevant interpretations, and many others are speaking out about the ominous signs they see. Those overseeing the Olympic activities seem to have made Hades, Mercury/Hermes and Anubis their official mascots.

They're not alone, of course. There's the declaration of the Georgia Guidestones, notably setting the target global population number at about 1/14 of the current number. Ted Turner Calls for Depopulating Two Thirds, so he's more merciful in comparison. Web search: bill gates depopulation Is it just me, or is there some kind of trend, here?

I made a couple videos. I also did some reverse speech analysis. Before I present them here, I want to declare some very simple truth. Those whose lives are fully invested in the Olympics are as those who are fully invested in any sport or occupation; they are living a way of sin and death. Really, there's no future in it, in doing that which seems right, in contrast to doing what IS right, which has a bright future.

There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death. ~ Proverbs 14:12

Serve the one who is the way the truth and the life.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. ~ John 14:6

Jacques Rogge, eighth and current President of the IOC has the biggest responsibility and accountability among those with a public presence. Then there's Danny Boyle, in the news as the man responsible for the Opening Ceremony. Martin Creed is a major player due to All the Bells, Work 1197. These men are not your friends. Hall of Shamers, all. They are not providing valuable services, unless you consider bringing death a valuable service. Whether or not false flag terrorism will actually mark the coming Olympics, the ritual magick being performed is a curse of death.

One of the pictures promoting the new design for the podium, clothes and other items for the London Olympics medal ceremonies is a dead ringer for a FUNERAL HOME! Aaron pointed this out to me and how the mannequins look like they're in the queue to pay their respects to the deceased.

Occult London Olympics Podium Set - Funeral Home?

In this video, I took the liberty of filling in the blank space with the “missing” casket. I don't know and am not really interested in the names of everyone directly responsible for this furthering of the death meme. I did take another liberty in linking two of the generally at-large culprits by photoshopping them in as presiding members of a clergy. I gave Jacques a name tag so you'd recognize him. I took this opportunity to point out the woman's ceremonial “bloody guts” dress, the one with zippers (slashed abdomen) and a red sash (intestines). The soundtrack of Danny Boy, performed by the late Johnny Cash, is often played at funerals. Aaron suggested this when I asked about a good funeral musical selection. Given the name Danny Boyle, there was simply no competition for the selection. Oh! Danny Boy-le.

This next video was inspired by Jeff Davis III, who made a video featuring a clip from an interview of the artist Martin Creed: WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT - Acceleration Blog

All The Bells = Bring Out Your Dead?

Ding. Bring out your dead. Ding. The death cart and corpse bell scene of the infamous bubonic plague made comic by Monte Python seemed the perfect complement to Martin's ominous statement. Making reference to the highly publicized failures of the security vendor, G4S seemed appropriate. Many folks have a sense that the security measures are intended primarily to assure better attendance through the provision of an assurance of safety to those who will accept it.

Martin's All The Bells Work 1197 is a major ritual working, but even without it, the bell in the stadium is a big deal of itself.

“Boyle said the giant bell, hanging at one end of the stadium, sounded "absolutely amazing". It will ring to begin the show.

"You will feel different when you're in there and you hear it ring. When you hear it it's very sweet. It's ancient, so it reminds you of the past. It's also timeless, so it evokes the future. That was how communities notified each other something important was about to happen," he said.”

Olympic opening ceremony will recreate countryside with real animals

If you've been following this series of posts, you may recall the bell as a device that was historically an item enabling the High Priest to enter into the presence of God in the Holy of Holies of Zion's temple. The bell is used by witches and priests of many kinds as a magickal instrument, for invoking and evoking demonic spells. You may also recall from previous posts how the time-distance (David Flynn - TCOT) arcs corresponding to the season of the establishment of the State of Israel neatly bracket London's Olympic Park, the home of the bell. In my somewhat educated opinion, it would be ignorant to suggest the bell is not intended to function as a stargate actuator, a cursed device made to control dimensional doors. When Danny Boyle says of the bell, “It's ancient, so it reminds you of the past. It's also timeless, so it evokes the future.” This really must be taken with a literal interpretation, as a crafted NLP signaling made by a man in the know.

Danny said, “That was how communities notified each other something important was about to happen,” which is what Martin Creed says about the bell ringing of Work 1197. In the interview with the clip featured in my video, Martin added, “whether you like it or not,” qualifying it with what seems like an ominous suggestion. Does he know something he's not telling us? Is something important going to happen we need to be notified about, that we won't like?

The eccentric Martin Creed's statement was so intriguing that I targeted it for reverse speech analysis. Here's what I heard, with my interpretation of each phrase. I also present three mp3s where you can hear selected reversals.

“But I think in this case its, you know, on the morning of the opening of the Olympics, it's just a massive sort of signal that something's happening, you know, something's happening; whether you like it or not.” ~ Martin Creed

Sss honor us Joe (* Satan exalts regular guy to position of honor)
Hear you yellow
Kneel, *ss, Nairf him us (* installed demon through sodomy)
Own he empire (* Satan, through the Royals and govt of GB, the IOC...)
So Nairf him us the longest (* Satan has owned the UK through the Nairf-installation-via-ritual-sodomy program for a long time)
False for a sham (* All the Bells, opening ceremony, Olympics...)
Are traitors (* All those involved, including himself, now)
Gift mail a wreath (* acknowledgment of those who will die as a result?)
Know Av want (* Reference to 9th of Av, a 9th day of 11th month or 911?)
And him wrong - the more own it (* this wrong is being justified to bring in the 912, the season after the catalytic 911, so those who own already can "more own it")
Satan Seed, sending Nairf out (* the bottom line - All the Bells... is ritual demonic evocation - sending Nairf out is to send a high level antichrist demon on a Satan seed mission)

Satan Seed, sending Nairf out. Nairf, frequently mentioned in reversed speech, is the ranking entity in the context, of a kind identified in Ephesians 6:12.

What the seed of Satan really want, and what I would say is to them the most sweet refrain of the cry, “Bring out your dead,” is the raising of the ancients, the Rephaim, the Nephilim into avatar bodies. Sending others to the underworld is the means of bringing those bound in the earth out. This will happen. They long for a counter to the flood of Noah's day, seeking vengeance and another chance at what was and has continued to be denied them.

What may be considered as the main event is not for yet a few more years, but as it is being staged in advance, I cannot say I know just what this coming season will bring. It does look ominous. Be prepared to meet your Maker, and pray you are ready to stay or go, at Y'shua's choice, and be found worthy when the accounting is made.

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