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Part 25 - 2012 London Olympics - The Medal: Magickal Medallion and Schematic of Dark Energy

It's a long-standing tradition to award gold, silver and bronze medals for special achievement. Everything done in relation to the Olympics has only ever been about Olympism, worship of the ancient gods, so it's in this context that their medals and award ceremonies must be understood. Those being used for the 2012 London Olympics are very similar to those used in the past, but with some important differences that customize them for these very special games of the XXX Olympiad.

This video I posted a few days ago illustrates some what I'm presenting in this post. [video] Mega-Ritual London 2012 Olympic Gold Medal - Sex Magick and the Emergence of Baphomet.

As you may know, according to Baron Pierre de Coubertin, founder of modern Olympics, Olympism is a religion that honors Zeus. This is the god identified in Revelation 2 as Satan through reference to the Altar of Zeus. Olympism is in truth then an ancient form of Satanism. Medals and their ceremonial role in the context of the Olympics compares to other forms of Satanism, where ritual magick is typically practiced less publicly, and with this privacy there's less need to shroud their activity. If people really knew what was and is being done, and why, they would never stand for it! When you can look at the Olympics, including their medals, and see, really see the symbols and their meanings, you can no longer deny the witness to a vast Satanic conspiracy operating in our midst.

Your local sorcery supply shop has medallions on chains or ribbons in stock, most commonly featuring pentacles, triquetras, crosses and dragons. Those distributed through the IOC are not really very different. Although any object or space can be demonically charged or cursed, certain kinds of objects and attributes are better fit for one purpose or another. The Olympic medals are fit for their purpose, designed and surely ritually charged to be placed in ceremonial ritual upon those who best honor Zeus in the games.

The award ceremonies are said to number 805 in total. The number 13 as the sum of 8+0+5 is intended, matching another cryptic count of 13 embedded into the medal's design. This is signaling the rebel Lord Beast they intend to evoke into this realm, the incarnation of Zeus in golden Apollo. This sum represents the bottom line, but the matter of how it is done is concealed and revealed in the occult symbolism imprinted on the medals, through which the supernaturalism works.

The front and back of the gold medal that will be awarded during the XXX Olympiad has occult symbolism that pictures transdimensional portals, energetic sex magick, energy harvesting and transmission, alchemy and bodily transformation. The design bears witness to the reality that the ancient gods are feeding off the worship of the games and the associated activity. Even the so-called hard science of CERN's LHC is cryptically illustrated, linking particle physics with the ritual magick as partnering in opening the portals.

The front of each medal features the event identification on top, which begins with a hazard warning symbol, XXX. This mark is also a distinctive triple-helix DNA signaling supporting the testimony of the imagery of the golden light body of the Baphomet figure on the front and the alchemical transformation on the back.

  • A horizontal line suggests the Hermetic Maxim, As Above, So Below. As the acropolis appears with a temple above, it is revealed how the stadium is the temple below, a place of worship.
  • The lines of the wings against the lines of the stadium floor edges suggest the Masonic square and compass, which is even more pronounced when inverted.
  • Wing tips touch letters “l” and “n”- spanning 13 letters, the number of the rebel lord Beast
  • Hermaphrodite-Baphomet, swollen breasts and female clothing - but with male neck, shoulders, arms, pecs, with suggestion of male package.
  • Baphomet wings, and one arm is up and the other down, with a lower crescent moon suggested by the lines of the stadium.
  • Baphomet torch on the head is implied, overlaid on the implied Olympic ring, the hidden capstone of that mystical pyramid.
  • The god has a light body that is literally gold.
  • The god's motion is from the Acropolis towards us, stepping out of the portal.
  • From the right, a dark portal from the underworld appears.
  • The magickal cloak is held in the left hand (left-hand path), which occults or obscures the stadium and its activity from view.
  • The object in the right hand is a writing implement, a cobra-like quill, and what is written on the magickal cloak is a serpentine script. Another snake appears in the script at far right. The magickal script is like a knotted net, making the cloak a magickal binding that binds also to the gods right ankle, restraining the being in this dimension.
  • The head band and ankle band allude to the mispabot and kesatot, ancient binding implements.
  • When the medal is inverted, the rings and wings form nested truncated pyramids, awaiting the antichrist capstone to be set.

Not to overlook the obvious, the first direction given by the Lord following the 10 commandments was “DON'T DO” what the IOC has done for these games.

22 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘You yourselves have seen that I have spoken to you from heaven. 23 You shall not make other gods besides Me; gods of silver or gods of gold, you shall not make for yourselves.
Exodus 20:22-23

Since they're breaking the first commandment straight away with the entire premise of the games, it's no big surprise to see the others kicked curbside. The medal is first an idol, a god cast in gold.

The backside of each of the medals contains some “backside” symbolism because the main theme involves sodomy. That aspect is perhaps the most fundamental layer of the medal's magickal work. The purple ribbon that hangs the medal around the neck supports that theme.

The imagery on the back is most obviously the logo inside a triangle, square and circle. When the logo is identified as a couple engaging in sex (the Bart and Lisa Simpson meme), we have a version of an alchemical standard, the philosopher's stone, as pictured by the alchemist Michael Maier in Atalanta Fugiens.

This image compares to da Vinci's Vitruvian man as one of the more popular classic foundations of the esoteric matter of squaring the circle. We see a man with a large compass, circling the square that is the wall, the stone. The wall is brick, masonry. Get it? Michael Maier was very closely associated with the related Rosicrucian order and was believed to be an initiate into Freemasonry. This alchemical squaring of the circle is a metaphor for ritual sodomy that opens the third eye and brings gnosis and enlightenment, but it goes beyond that to the greater goal. Ultimately it's about exalting Lucifer in the place of the sovereign God, which intends to be wrought through the Beast and mark of the Beast and subsequent campaign of Armageddon, but in symbol this often appears in the identity of the hermaphrodite Baphomet, a corrupt image of the first man Adam who was made, formed and created in the image of God.

The alchemy is the merging of the square and circle into one, the male and female, which is accomplished through the triangle, referencing, in part, the anal triangle and the transformational sex magick of ritual sodomy. It's an act of worship their gods demand. This is pictured in the Cryptic Degree of York Rite Freemasonry in the Select Master imagery, joining the square and circle with the triangle. This is the rough equivalent of the Masonic Square and Compass and the essential sex magick of the backside of all three medals being awarded at the London 2012 Olympics.

The alchemy, put another way, expresses the same essential work. It's about transforming base metals into gold, signifying a post human genetic transformation of man into a golden triple-helix DNA bodied man-god hybrid beast.

The alchemical bodily transformation is a grafting of the children of Yahweh into the Serpent's family tree. It's a Zion hijacking, of the people of the place, which is one reason why the logo breaks out into the word ZION. The magical merging of the genders, of the natures, it is a ZION working, a merging of the temples, physical and spiritual.

The next most prominent feature is the mess of lines that appear not only on the medal but on that side of the ribbon. Some refer to them as ley lines (See here and here ) because there's a geographical overlay, and while that identification may be valid, these lines really speak to me of particle beam collisions, specifically CERN's LHC project. The lines smack of the post-collision particle traces that regularly appear in CERN's promotional imagery.

The layered end-game I've been presenting is facilitated by this kind of science. I've already written at some length about this project that is by many accounts creating a stargate, a dimensional portal, the key to the abyss of Revelation 9. It was officially announced that the God particle was found on July 4. This betrays the connection I see on the medal, coming 23 days (signal chromosome number) before the start of the XXX Olympiad on the 27th. The physicists are cracking the code that will grant them access to what was denied the workers building the Tower of Babel. They are legitimate alchemists, working the physical science angle in collusion with those performing ritual magick in a way that matches what must have happened so many years ago, as coached by the same gods. The sex magick and physical secrets of time-space dimensions intend to bring a transformation of man, in his genetics, merging man with the gods. The gods require avatars for entry back into this realm, and this is how it's done. The promise of benefit for man is just a scam. The illuminati witches who tap into the power and authority of the gods is only short lived. It's a bad deal all around.

Now, the graphical element winding through the logo has been identified as the River Thames as it snakes through London. Using the medal as an esoteric mapping device, we overlay the medal's image on a map of London and consider what appears. Questions are raised about the potential meaning of the areas covered by the circle, square and triangle, and the meaning of most of the corner points. I believe I have insight into two pyramids.

The Olympic Park is located at the triangle's corner that can be taken to represent the capstone of a pyramid. Another pyramid appears in the logo's dot, located on the Thames at the Isle of Dogs Pumping Station. I believe these two work together and illustrate a magical working shared between the medals and the actual locations identified. Let me explain.

The great Pyramid at Giza and other ancient pyramids are ancient energy devices, transmitting and receiving. I know this sounds pretty stupid to many folks because, for most of my life, it would have sounded like nonsense to me. Yet, considering the physical evidence and knowing how a counterfeiter does not make 3 dollar bills, what many have claimed about this matter is validated, and it's my claim that the Lord Y'shua Himself has brought me to this conclusion.

There's a reason why the Mayans and Incas and Aztecs built step pyramids for temples and used those sites for mass ritual sacrifice with cannibalism. The worship is a supernaturalism that is received from the activity. The abusive sex acts with torture and killing are done for a reason. There is a receiving and a transmitting, with the features of the earth interacting supernaturally with heavenly lights and beings. There's also a consideration for what's in the ground underneath the monuments. This supernaturalism is also why the solar and lunar calendar and positions of the planets relative to earth and to these monuments are so important to ritual magick. Energetic beams have been witnessed by some in association with pyramids of various kinds, believed to evidence some energy transfer. I believe this explains why obelisks are capped with pyramids.

(See HAARP Triggering Ancient Pyramid Energy and here and here, and Carl Munck's The Code on YouTube.)

Is the pyramidal (London Tower) Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe, involved in this dark energy schematic, located about 5 miles from the Olympic Stadium? It's pictured here during the laser show marking its inauguration ceremony. That's right, inauguration, of a building? Mighty peculiar!

[UPDATE] See The Shard - London Bridge Tower *of Babel* - Healing the Dark Crystal

I believe pyramidal energy transferal explains the lighting structures ringing the London Olympic stadium, and why the stadium appears on the back of the medals as at the top of a pyramid. I believe there is a harvesting of this worship of Zeus from the stadium and other venues and a harnessing of that power. I believe the medal testifies of the capture and transmission of that power as something of a schematic, even as the magickal symbols work to support the energetic supernaturalism, and that this is intended to open a dimensional portal to the abyss. This is a demonic evocation, intending to provide access to this realm for the ancient gods. I believe there will be limited success, but yet, some success, and I am specifically talking about what happens as a result of all the activity surrounding the XXX Olympiad.

This is supported by a secondary witness on the medal's design, the dot. The stylized 3D makes the logo resemble a stealth aircraft, the distinctive plane-faced Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, which may actually be part of a stealth spell that conceals the evil behind the medal. What has been done to the dot in adding a third dimension makes it a pyramid, albeit slightly irregular. It's where that pyramid is located that witnesses to its role and function as a magickal receiver and transmitter.

First, within the logo, the dot appears as the pupil in the eye of Horus. The logo is shaped like the letter "R" that is leveraged in so many logos and wordmarks as that magickal symbol. The eye of Horus is often directly involved in symbolic phallic or anal imagery, working the sex magick of the ancient and soon returning god as so frequently addressed on this blog over the last few years. This is the case in this instance because the dot in the pupil appears at the center of the action in the London Olympics logo, right where “Bart and Lisa” interact. The dot appears overlaid upon the map of London at the River Thames, which illustrates the harnessing of the natural flow of the river. Together, the dot-pyramid is harnessing the three energies like a confluence of tributaries. There's “Lisa Simpson” drinking “Bart's” “hot dog flavored water,” to use Limp Bizkit's term of obfuscation to describe the oral sex magick being harnessed. It is the harnessing of the semen of Horus that is considered the water of life, as the River Thames combines to add the natural flow of the dynamo of the earth. This is akin to the magick of Isis as she uses the motion of the sun across the sky to emit the magickal semen from the obelisk of Osiris.

There is yet another very significant tributary of energetic flow featured in the logo's dot-pyramid location. It is on the Thames at the Isle of Dogs Pumping Station. A dog, in the appropriate slang, is a male prostitute, a sodomite. Think about it. Next to the Isle of Dogs Pumping Station is a facility called Mudchute Park. No, seriously. This is the sodomite gateway sex magick, a harnessing of that energy there, a pumping station receiving and transmitting through the pyramid. This has to be considered as yet another layer supporting the alchemy of the squaring the circle found on the backside of the medals in the cryptic square, circle and triangle, and the Masonic square and compass formed on the front.

OK. Here's yet another notable observation. The dot-pyramid at the Isle of Dog appears to be referencing the Dog Star, Sirius, as the heavenly connecting point. Many cities and monuments are known to be carefully aligned to the Dog Star. This is the brightest star in the heavens, not including the Sun, Moon and planets of this solar system. It's identified with Lucifer, with Satan. One of the passageways of the great Pyramid at Giza has a timed alignment with the star.

Noted Astrologer David Ovason published a book in 1999 entitled The Secret Architecture of our Nation's Capitol: The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C., in which he uncovered the historic fact that the Masonic Fraternity dedicated the young United States of America to the stars generally, and to the Dog Star Sirius.
In NEWS1487, we tell how our Masonic Founding Fathers deliberately and carefully chose the plot of land on which Washington, D.C. was to be built, using occult divination, especially Astrology. When the Mall was being conceived, and individual buildings were being built, Washington, D.C., was dedicated, and oriented, to the Dog Star Sirius, which in the Egyptian Mysteries, is Satan.
Now let us consider that, as our nation was continuously dedicated to Satan through careful orientation to the Dog Star, Sirius, so our buildings in Government Mall were dedicated to, and established according to the power of, the Serpents of Wisdom. What, you say, are the Serpents of Wisdom? As we take you through a discussion of really deep Satanism, we are indebted to former Black Magick Satanist, Cisco Wheeler, now a Born Again Christian, and co-author of several books on Illuminati Mind Control.

"The Great White Brotherhood and the Great White Lodge of our Galaxy, Sirius, have been preparing and working tirelessly to activate the highest level of dragon's lairs upon what is understood to be a planetary grid. There are many, many [energy] vortexes and each have great importance as they serve as the foundational pillars for the Golden, or New, Age ..."

"The pillar in the United States of America was founded by the Serpents of Wisdom ... who assigned the number 13 to the new nation. From its earliest history, the Phoenix Bird was the symbol of the United States; the Phoenix also has the assigned number of 13. Thus it was that the United States was formed once she had 13 colonies."”

Washington, D.C. Planned by Masonic Founding Fathers as the Most Powerful Occult Capitol in World History! Part 2 (David Bay - Cutting Edge)

The dot placed at the Isle of Dog as a pyramid appears to be a schematic of the dark working of Olympism directed to Zeus aka Satan via the celestial Dog Star.

Any doubts I had about the UK being mapped out according to some ancient plan were dismissed when I read what authors Robin Heath and John Michell presented a few years back in The Lost Science of Measuring the Earth - Discovering the Sacred Geometry of the Ancients. When Rik Clay noted with enthusiasm how the street names surrounding the Olympic Park made it look like it had been planned that way, he was on to something! There's evil genius behind the placement of the magickal pyramid-dot and the Stadium in the Olympic Park atop the medal's triangle.

The ritual magick of Olympism is powerful, and the age old goals of the sponsoring gods are surely being advanced to such a degree that the Dragon himself will soon manifest as in ancient times, in an enhanced human form as the messianic lord who comes suddenly to his temple.

1 “ Behold, I am going to send My messenger, and he will clear the way before Me. And the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple; and the messenger of the covenant, in whom you delight, behold, He is coming,” says the Lord of hosts. 2 “But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap. 3 He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver, and He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, so that they may present to the Lord offerings in righteousness. 4 Then the offering of Judah and Jerusalem will be pleasing to the Lord as in the days of old and as in former years.
Malachi 3:1-4

The Papal false prophet will soon prepare the way, as an Elijah and John the Baptist figure. The lord being sought is according to the ritual working of Olympism, who will come suddenly to his temple. That's not going to be pleasant. Ultimately, this is necessary to prepare for another kind of awards ceremony, when offerings will be presented to the Lord Y'shua in righteousness!


  1. I think your explanation for the apparently random lines on the back of the Olympic gold medal as being the particle traces from CERN is the most plausible.

    Tom Vudtiyanon

  2. These people are ignorant!
    That is why they use such jewels and logos and even clubs and societies... they do not know the love of the Father!

  3. I think the random lines on the back of the medals depict chaos, the sort that comes with shards of debris from an explosion.

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