Sunday, July 29, 2012

UFO-Fireworks Dream Followed by Olympic UFO Fireworks

By Aaron Hermann

On Sunday morning July 22, 2012 I received a dream from The Lord. Before I started having these dreams The Lord instructed me that they would be coming and I was to write them down. The following is what I wrote down in my journal:

"I was in some sort of street festival or some other type of public celebration that was taking place at night. I remember that the mood was festive.

There were fireworks in the sky, and some man that I did not know turned to me and pointed out how exciting they were and asked me what I thought about them.

It was at this time that I noticed a strange occurrence in the sky off to the right. It appeared as if it was Aurora Borealis, or something that looked like it. It was green at first and then a yellow color.

I turned to the man who addressed me earlier and told him that "they" always try and distract us from where we should really be looking. A very short time later it appeared as if the smoke from the fireworks was filling the air and then very suddenly the smoke cleared and the sky seemed to open and a large, circular UFO was directly above us.

People began to scream and run, and I could feel the fear and panic that had overtaken the entire area. The "UFO" was not friendly and it seemed to be firing laser-like energy beams at people and buildings. I saw one such beam strike a building and the building exploded...then I woke up."

The week leading up to the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games was intense and productive. On Friday afternoon I had a couple of hours of peaceful quiet to spend with The Lord and during that time I sought The Lord about the direction He seemed to be taking me in regards to my work for Him. A great deal was revealed, and the nature of it was such that I was a bit taken aback at first. I told The Lord that I was willing to do whatever He had for me, but the nature of it was such that if He could give me a sign...a clear, undeniable, unmistakable sign to serve as a confirmation of the nature of my ministry that it would be of great help.

I left it with The Lord and over the course of Friday and Saturday He continued to show me what He has in mind for me. I spoke to Bob for nearly three hours last night about everything that has been going on with the Olympics, what The Lord has been showing us and telling us, and we looked at some of the comments being sent in from folks around the world who have been reading the blog.

One of the comments mentioned a UFO sighting over the Olympic stadium and included a link to the video. After seeing the video, I recognized that this was the confirming sign that I had asked The Lord for. To borrow a phrase from Bob, "The Lord saw me coming" and gave me the dream five days prior to asking for a sign and six days prior to seeing the video. Praise The Lord!

Prior to the Olympics an article appeared on the Daily Mail featuring former British Minister of Defense, and UFO expert, Nick Pope:

One of the UK's top UFO experts has given his views on the likelihood of aliens suddenly appearing in our skies - and how the international community would respond.

Nick Pope, who has more than two decades under his belt at the Ministry of Defence, said mass summer events - like the Olympic Games in London - would be a prime time for crafts from otherworlds to present themselves to mankind.

He warned: 'With the summer of mass events we are all on high alert for terrorism. But we must also cast our eyes further afield and be prepared for even the most seemingly unfathomable.''

"Keep an eye on the skies for saucers during the Olympics Games, warns former MoD UFO expert

By Aaron Hermann

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  1. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Hi Bob and Aaron,

    I heard something disconcerting on the news while driving just now and I thought I would share. Power outage across 9 state in Northern India and 47 dead in passenger train fire in Southern India. 9/11 (4+7) maybe?

    I have been praying for your continued insights, annointing and wisdom! Blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus and keep up the great work!

  2. Just a thought but if this is a UFO and whoever or whatever is behind it wanted to "sneak in" whilst people were busy looking at the fireworks then why o why did they choose to fly in at the most watched event in the world at the time?! Perhaps that's the point? Maybe they wanted to be seen?

  3. Thanks Steve and Aylwin. That's a sad, sad situation with the fire and all those involved and effected. I pray the survivors take account of the fragility of life and are drawn beyond religion to the Lord of life. I sure appreciate your prayers, brother Aylwin!

  4. I too thank you both, and echo Bob's prayer for the survivors of what is transpiring in India.

    Aylwin, thank you for your prayer support! It is most certainly needed and greatly appreciated.

    Steve, I do believe that the point of choosing the Olympic Opening Ceremony was to be seen. I also believe that we have not seen the last UFO event during these Olympic Games. With that being said, I believe there is a larger take-away in the dream for all of us. With so much going on I believe it is crucial for us to "keep our eye on the ball" and remain focused on where The Lord is directing our attention, and not be distracted by the smokescreens "they" use to hide the fire of the truth.

    Thank you both again for your input!


  5. It could be a blimp...

  6. Now it really looks like a blimp...

  7. The mainstream media also tells us that the economy is recovering, elections are real, who is President truly matters, doctors actually care about our well-being, child protective services is a good thing, homosexuality is the "new normal", and the Illuminati are a figment of our imagination.

    It comes down to what we choose to believe, and I choose not to believe much of what the mainstream media is telling us.