Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Zombie Mall - “Dawn of the Dead”: Coming Soon to a Theater (of operations) Near You

There's plenty of buzz about the predictive programming surrounding the London Olympics, and many whom the Lord is drawing are paying rapt attention. According to the man responsible for the Opening Ceremony, Danny Boyle, “(There is) quite a lot of Frankenstein in the show. I mean, we don't reanimate dead creatures, but we did use Frankenstein as a dry run for a lot of ideas for this.” Mr. Boyle has been using NLP like a pro. He won't come right out and say what's really going on directly, but when he says what he's been saying about Frankenstein, well, wisdom dictates we discount nothing. The CDC has been doing this form of announcement and warning for some time now, featuring the zombie pandemic and the zombie apocalypse meme - reanimation - like Frankenstein. This really is no joking matter because the dead (aka Rephaim) will be coming to life and will be feasting on human flesh. A mind-controlled slave army also has a role in the Devil's end-game, and such an entity has already begun to build in large numbers through SRA / Monarch programming and magickal spells (pharmakeia) combining symbols, music, NLP and manipulation of the physical environment that includes non-EM and EM wave energy. Now, zombie type behavior is in the news almost daily.

I've been in Pittsburgh for the better part of a year now, a city that proudly lays claim to being the Zombie Capital of the World. It has legitimate challengers in Atlanta and Seattle, but it's still a contender. It started in 1978 with the release of a movie filmed in Pittsburgh and nearby Monroeville, PA, George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead.

The tag line: “When there's no more room in HELL the dead will walk the EARTH.” There's a zombie museum at the Monroeville Mall that provided the setting for most of the movie, and a visit was obligatory. Here's some pics taken during a recent outing.

Aaron and I wondered why they didn't just come out and says it. Evil. 666 reproduction scheme.

If you need help getting around or coupons and such, you can load their app on your smartphone. Apparently, what Dr John Dee aka Merlin was doing when he and Edward Kelly were scrying and having discourse with the fallen angels was helping shoppers, through a time-space portal. I wasn't tempted to test my theory.

A mural at one end of the mall pays tribute to the Pittsburgh area's history, serpent-seed families and their activities and such. I pose next to a tribute to the Dawn of the Dead film, a zombie who obviously needed my help to signal the pyramid eye, which should improve the loss of distance perception that must surely have resulted from his eye decay.

Aaron stands at the entrance to the Zombie Museum, welcoming all who dare enter.

This zombie, as the placard reads, is modeled on one from Dawn of the dead, who is in a set resembling the boiler room of the mall.

The museum features a model of the mall as the Dawn of the Dead set, complete with little zombie figures. This view shows the featured attraction of the era, a clock tower with bells that compares somewhat to the one in the mall prototype in Rochester NY I've blogged about at length. The one at the Zombie Mall has been replaced, but apparently it had bells all around the pyramid base. No pomegranates between them, so far as I could tell. ;) They do, however have palm trees in today's mall, phoenix, I assume.

You can see the mall logo if you look closely at the model. I show a clear version of it here. If you've been following the sodomite gateway series, you will recognize a pretty graphic and crude version of the two Masons, including the butt crack and penetration. It's a Mason on Mason, like I showed in the M&Ms post.

It's also a 33, when you turn it sideways. If you consider the Masonic ring for the 33rd degree pictured in the middle, you may notice how much the Monroeville Mall logo resembles the double-headed eagle. Dirty birds!

In 1978, the crew shooting Dawn of the Dead used to hang out after hours at the Brown Derby Steakery Luv Pub, right there at the mall. From the looks of the brand imagery, it's for beefcake lovers. Monacle, my eye.

The other imagery we analyzed on our field trip would take weeks or months to explain. I'll just share a couple. The Buckle, that's a pair of facing and touching 3s, like one touching a mirror. It compares to Freegun's wordmark. That buckle logo is also a mans backside. Rotate it counterclockwise 90 degrees.

I've addressed Journey's brand at length already. This promo features a skull (The Beast) with a mask, with the lotus flower third eye being touched by the R (Horus) and the Y (male sex chromosome). What do you suppose is on the menu for the Backyard BBQ? Me and You? It's the perfect spot to feature the Osiris brand shoe, right?

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