Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Decoding the World Economic Forum Logo

(This edit includes updates from 6/5/20) The logo for the World Economic Forum that just met for their annual meeting (January 25 - 29, 2012 - Davos-Klosters, Switzerland) is an elegant graphic, elegant, but evil. It's a multi-layered eye of Horus that contains a very special time code, and also presents an ominous warning declaration.

Let's consider the artistic features of the design. Because this is about the "World" we see the blue arcs that very obviously suggest the earth with the blue color it has when viewed from space. The shape of the circle traced around by the arcs is a fundamental symbol of time, as evidenced by the ancient Ouroboros. The earth's blue appearance is attributed to water, and that is a very familiar metaphor for time.

Combining the earth with the time symbolism we have space and time - and this power combo is being ritualized in this image, which is a magickal work. This layer of symbolism is strengthened and energetically multiplied by the way the arc crosses through the letters O in the words. Each intersection of the arc with a circle is a crossing of a circle, even the crossing of circles. Each crossing creates a cross, of course. Cross Circle - like XO - signaling Space and Time. Because the arc is actually two arcs and even, as implied through extension, 2 concentric circles, the theme is multiplied further.

The space-time ritual is a fundamental of this Occult symbol, and another is the imagery of the mark of the beast. This is HUGE - involving multiple kinds of layers!

Let's decode the 666 signalings, with the obvious referencing of the number from Revelation 13:18.

The letter O is the 15th letter in our alphabet, and each instance transforms to a 6 by reduction, 5+1=6. The light blue arc crosses through three letters O - and OOO is 666. This symbol is duplicated for redundancy with the result of energy multiplication. How so? See the letter O that is circled around by the 2 arcs. See each circle as an O. Again, OOO is 666!

We have previously identified the mark of the beast as a biotech replication of the DNA of the beast that occurs as each individual who receives the mark is transformed. The genetic splicing will result in a special construction called a triple helix. Both of the logo's OOO-as-666 symbols resonate the form of triple helix DNA. This is another level of MOB imagery!

Each crossed circle that is identified with the space-time symbolism is an XO, and this is identified with the ancient mark of the beast! Yes - yet another layering of MOB symbolism!

There is also a Horus angle, and the ancient Horus is a primary antichrist identity! The logo may be recognized as the eye of Horus, a Wadjet (falcon eye). (The encircled letter O is the pupil.)

With the arc of the circle intersecting three individual Os as round eyes, it is then a three eye or third eye signal, of illumination.

This has to do with Luciferian illumination as that which has been linked to the knowledge of good and evil from the very Garden of Eden.

Notice how the 2 letters M in the title are roughly aligned. MM Code 33. Freemasons and the 33rd degree - they are "illumined by Horus eye sodomite gateway" signal numbers.

Notice how the letters I and C seem to be standing out over on the right side. The IC, when you say the letters, is a homophone for "eye see" as in the all-seeing eye, AND the Eye of Horus activated in the Illumined.

The letters I and C are the 9th and 3rd, respectively, and this should be identified as a Thelemite salutation as shorthand for "The Law." Code 93: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will." Aleister Crowley. The OTO. Illumined "secret" brotherhoods.

So far as the time signaling goes, there is in this the familiar pattern we call the Keystone Pattern. Three of a kind (letters O crossed through) followed by a 4th that is similar but distinctly different (not crossed through but rather encircled around).

Peter (who had inspired this post back in 2012) pointed out how water was a big topic at that year's forum meeting, and that, in French, water is "eau," pronounced as a long O. The blue arc of the logo that suggests a big blue O seems to hint at eau, water, which covers the bulk of the surface of the globe. The arc has two segments of different widths. The wider seems to have settled on the bottom, like water seeking its level. What I see in this compares to the meaning of the other part of this logo, with their motto, “Committed to Improving the State of the World.”

The motto is separated from the other elements by placing it under a heavy line. What they are really telling us is apparent when you know the plot. If you compare this to the giant tapestry hanging in the UN Security Council Chamber and consider what is pictured as underneath and separate, you can interpret the meaning of their motto.

The keyword here is: Nephilim. They are buried in the earth, bound, awaiting release. If you've been following the blog you'll get it when I call them future Avatar Drivers. They await the season when their avatar bodies are ready, when the time appointed for their release comes and reentry is permitted back into our realm. The motto must be taken in this context. The WEF is “Committed to Improving the State of the World,” but their idea of an improved state has no room for you and I. The way this is going to go down is something you're not going to like, if you happen to still be hanging around. It's the Illuminati plan to enlighten the world with Luciferian light. It's the familiar plan to transform the inhabitants of the world through the Eye of Horus, a genetic posthuman downgrade that assures a season in the lake of fire for the suckers who take the bait, receiving the mark of the Beast.

If the blue O is intended as eau, water, it has meaning with regard to the DNA signaling, which is mostly water. The water symbol is also involved with a major theme that is the flood of Noah's day, which featured waters from both above and below. This "above and below" is pictured by the two arc elements, where water appears to have settled at the bottom, like I mentioned earlier. It also seems suggested by the color of the motto text matching the arc. The flood of Noah's day was brought forth because of the watchers who spawned the Nephilim giants and the evil they brought upon the earth, dispersing their seed throughout, excepting Noah. That's why they're imprisoned in the earth, held accountable for their wicked deeds. When the sentence is finished and they get out, it's time, in their minds, for pay-back, for revenge in the form of a counter-flood. Touché! It won't be with literal water so much as taking the form of a destructive offensive that intends to wash away the Noah kind.

“Committed to Improving the State of the World.” The improved state they envision requires a cleansing flood, an ethnic cleansing that intends to leave only the serpent's seed behind. Watch and see if that's what the WEF is committed to. How many ways to they have to say it before folks start catching on? Well, most won't, but some will, praise the Lord for his mercy and exceeding great grace!

In closing, while playing with some permutations of realigned pairs of the logo I noted how a 32 degree rotation to the right sets the semicircle arc upright, as a left hemisphere. Some might see a Masonic signal in this. I do.


  1. been writing about this symbolism in my journals for a while now, thought it was my over active imagination. Now seeing this I’m seriously concerned to how I even knew about this without previous education or knowledge on the topic. Would like to know more about how to look out for the “bait” you described. In a way, I sense that I’ve unwillingly already fallen prey and am locked into the fate of being transformed. The “seed” of the serpent. I’ve made drawings and artwork about this. Having the seed turn my body to stone but at the top where the head should be grows a tree.

    1. Thanks for sharing that here. If you have concerns, you definitely still have an opportunity for salvation. Let me encourage you to give the matter your attention, fully, until you find the Comforter' full provision. Commit to it for all you're worth. He is worth everything!