Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trouble Coming to America

There's a video here you might want to watch.

Glenn Beck Explodes! Total Chaos Coming! Lynchings in Street of America! Like You’ve NEVER Seen!

Glenn Beck is right and wrong. Such trouble is near, and a brief military engagement with Iran that ends with the US boasting in victory will be the sign of immenence. The arrival of this season has long been planned. The trigger for America's violent reset will not be simply economic, and neither will the raging chaos that attends it be rightly described as the expression of a conflict between “haves” and “have nots.” See A Watchman's Report.


  1. Hey buddy,

    Check out the skull and crossbones on the floor of the stage set...a good view of it can be seen at the 51 second mark.


  2. I don't listen to him any more. He has something to say? What I have is God. To me, there are an awful lot of "have nots". Yawn at Beck. I feel like he's trying to insult me sometimes but what else is new? Getting used to penis abuse.